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Getting it good!

I haven’t much time, as I want to watch the football and have several cold beers waiting for me. However, after yesterday’s post, I sure wish Madame Presidente Kirchner had wrongfully paid a visit to the mystery spanker instead of adressing a bunch of fawning delegates at the U.N. as I know damn well he wouldn’t put up with her attitude and give her a damned good hiding (I’d seriously LOVE to cane and birch her too, is that wrong? I’m a little worried about my feelings on this matter, lol!) So not settling for the Argentine president, we have the very latest bratty model to come into the clutches of Red Hot Video productions… aka Bun Beating Fun and this aptly named cute bundle of bosomly joy, called, wait for it… Jacky Joy!

Jacky Joy (I love this name) is primarily a very naughty girl – if you Google her name you’ll soon see 🙂

Yup! This is Jacky Joy and she is the next victim girl to turn up knocking on the seedy motel room door for her next assignment… only it of course ends up with her getting far more than she bargained for, as these brats always do… and she is soon left with a very sore red bottom, snivelling and wishing she had never made the short journey to New Jersey for some perceived easy ca$h! Aah, they never learn, do they?

Get to see some early exclusive free preview shots here on this blog of Jacky’s raucous OTK encounter which starts off with her acting the diva, getting the dreaded ear pull treatment which meant only one thing… this bad girl would indeed be going over his knee for an intense corrective brat therapy session! bring … it… on!





Jacky’s bum has a fantastic jiggle & this buxom porn actress is brought close to tears as she can’t take anymore!






I will be back with more updates tomorrow morning! Have a good evening, folks!
Preparing new for tonight’s game… so I have just one thing to say



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