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Spanking Overload!

If, like me, you enjoy seeing a beautiful girl given a good hard spanking, preferably over the knee of her “non specific authoritarian figure” (I love using that phrase, heh heh!) then you are in for a treat today… I also think that today in the northern hemisphere, at least, is the longest daylight period as the summer equinox is here… it’s all downhill after this as we speed towards darker gloomier days, but wait! As I take a peek outdoors, where I am in Britain, it is unseasonally cold, grey, overcast and has just started raining – ah, the great British summer, it never lets us down, does it? And I promise not to let you down with today’s fantastic updates starting with AAA Spanking and the latest OTK spanking film with the ever reliably cute Kami Robertson arriving home drunk and her “non specific authority figure” (let’s just call him Uncle Harry) in no mood to let her get away with behaving like that in his house!

Kami had already been warned about her attitude and the way she treated Uncle Harry’s place like some cheap hotel when she stayed at his so when she returned home drunk and had lied to him about not staying out late, Harry took the drunken brat across his knee for a lesson she might just well remember until the next morning! Why? Because he sent her to bed with a very sore, burning bottom after giving her a short sharp shocking OTK spanking reminder of what would happen when she broke his strict House Rules! Kami’s bottom was just made for spanking and you will not be disappointed one little bit to see her struggle, squirm and complain as that beautiful butt wiggled and turned a shameful bright red over his lap!

Check out some choice images from the movie (below)






I rather like these short sharp shock type movies, it’s a pretty standard excuse to get Kami over his knee, she plays the stroppy young madam a little too well at times and invites trouble. This is one of a few films Harry and Kami did together, and I think you’ll be liking what you see over the next few months as there is a heavy birching film (very atmospheric and one you do NOT want to miss!) and a great solo maid film which kind of was the precursor to the birching movie… we had a great set in front of an Edwardian fireplace and Kami had the perfect costume… this will be on top of what is already a great homage to Kami’s filmwork with Triple A! I have loved working with her and will no doubt do so again soon. Just writing about it makes me smile *mental note – MUST ask Kami back yet again!!! 🙂

For more info and how to see this FULL movie – CLICK HERE

Those who just want to see the odd movie will be pleased that this film has also been uploaded to the Clips Store and I see that there has been a few downloads already so I know there are those that do like this alternative method too!



Another girl who has featured a lot at our site (and actually worked alongside Kami) is Danielle Hunt – she is currently working out in America so you are going to see her at a lot of American websites soon and I see that some intro films have already arrived at

I don’t have a lot of her stuff just yet as I need to renew my membership at – but if you don’t want to wait, I know damned well her films are going to be HOT! CLICK HERE to see more of Danielle at thsi site!


Danielle has worked all over so you won’t have to go far in her bid to globally show off her most spankable ass… closer to home a brand new film from the Hidden camera series at Red Stripe Films has a rather lush Dani given a severe leather hand and bottom strapping by Sarah Bright (see the images and the full storyline below – I’ll provide a link where you can view a great HD preview clip of this too!





Danielle Hunt has to return to the court appointed therapist for the second part of her ‘therapy’, little does she know what awaits her. She has first to hold out her hand for a good hard leather paddling, this stings! Next, bent over the punishment stool she gets the paddle on her bare bottom. Just when she thinks it’s all over she feels the first stroke of the cane, it is laid onto her bare bottom stroke after stroke.



OK, anyone remember the classic Tex Avery wolf in the Droopy cartoons of the 1940’s? His reactions, especially the eyes always cracked me up when he fancied the singers (always a redhead, btw… I think Tex had a thing for them – good man!). It’s still funny today even after 70 odd years… anyway, in a reaction to my next lady… here is what ol’ Chiefy was doing when watching the spanking & paddling of stunning Melanie Taylor in the “Dealer” series of spanking films from – You will see below from this cartoon clip (the best bit is the beginning so you can stop it and continue reading after you’ve seen it if you wish, but DO see it, it’s the original, and still the best! 🙂

This is the affect that Melanie Taylor can induce on some as she is bent over and spanked!





A special paddle with holes drilled through it increases the sting on the already-reddened cheeks of Melanie Taylor. The burn is so intense that 18 swats brings tears. Failing to complete on time a report on casino fraud has serious consequences from Earl Grey: a very sore bottom!

To see the full series of spanking films with Melanie Taylor – check out more HERE


 Yankee Stripes is one of the many films now starring Sarah Gregory at and is well worth a peek as it covered a part of her life as the brat that had gone too far as she was detained in the UK on suspicion of Arms Smuggling… here is the build up story to why she was detained:


Sarah Gregory is an all American girl with an independent and fairly decisive outlook, characteristics that have stood her in good stead as she has progressed through life to become a trusted representative of a government agency. Not all is well though as, during a trip to the UK, she is discovered smuggling firearms in to the country and not wishing to reveal too much about her activities, is forced to defend herself without the benefit of diplomacy.

While she waits for her trial she has been incarcerated at The Prison and feels, because of her agency links, she will get away with at least being taken back to the States to stand trial, somewhere she thinks will be much more lenient toward her. But what she didn’t know was that one of the firearms was used in a murder and the realisation that she has been set up begins to emerge. She must somehow convince The Prison authorities that she needs some special treatment…






Sarah’s punishments can be viewed exclusively with a ton of amazing image sets and high quality videos from the only female prison specialist site on The Net…


Finally today… as if there wasn’t enough eye bulging and wolf whistling from me… the latest episode to feature Audrey Tate (Veronica Ricci) at is a 2 parter where she meets a hot French chick, her masseuse… and all manner of naughtiness breaks out as you’ll see below, I have also included the full storyline (if you’re interested!)

Masseuse – pt 1




Audrey Tate (Veronica Ricci) visits a super hot masseuse (played by Sharon Lee). Sharon is French and the two are challenged to communicate with each other. But Audrey likes the girls and makes some moves on Sharon, groping her repeatedly. Sharon threatens to call the police, so Audrey suggests instead that she take a spanking like she gets from her madams when she does something wrong. But Sharon spanks Audrey harder than she anticipated. So Audrey then overpowers the smaller girl and gives her a spanking. Audrey then rubs oil all over Sharon’s legs and bottom and tells her over and over that she is getting a shiny hiney. And Audrey spanks that shiny hiney until she runs out so that Sharon doesn’t call the police on her. A very sensual scene with touches of ass worship and Audrey’s bottom got very red from the spanking and the language barrier is both sexy and entertaining.

Masseuse – pt2





Remember that you can see the gorgeous Veronica at her showpiece site Spanking Sororitygirls where she is featured in approximately half of all the films! Go check out her spanking exploits and see the latest episodes on the tour pages then decide for yourselves – CLICK HERE


Both the above sites are of course available as part of the best value CLARE FONDA PASS


  1. tim tim

    John ,young Danielle is being spanked by Chelsea at Good Spanking .Veronica is hot with the French girlbeing spanked and botty shinings tim.

  2. She will no doubt be at the Fonda sites soon enough, lol!
    hmmm, maybe I should get out our remaining films of Dani before we all get bored of seeing her everywhere?

  3. tim tim

    Yes she is visiting a lot of sites.Lovely little Kami gets big spanks from dont know the spankers name ,best,Tim.

  4. The spanker is called Harry… he does some more films with Kami incl a birching punishment which is quite something!

  5. tim tim

    Righto ,where was this vid with lovely Kami featured John ?best,Tim.

  6. That’s not out yet… but as you’re a member, you’ll see it soon enough, I promise you – it’s a corker!

  7. tim tim

    Thanks look forward to it Kami is a little cutie who appears on quite a few sites ,best,tim.

  8. I see Danielle has worked with Shadowlane as well, lol!

    Will have to view that film and comment on it 🙂

  9. I LOVE anything with Kami Robertson in it. She is definitely a hot little cutie who I would love to meet and spank her myself. Her full, round bottom just mesmerizes me everytime her panties are pulled down.

  10. I know that feeling!!! Her round bottom is one of THE most spankable around, trust me!

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