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Saturday Spankings pt1

I usually love Saturdays unless I have to work late (like today, unfortunately)… so I’ll keep this brief and post a few sets you may or may not have seen as I quickly perused through my spanking archives and checked out what is out there at the mo!

So let’s check out what is available first of all at one of my fave sites and this is one of the very latest additions to the members area as Nimue Allen lures her submissive partner Janna up to her room for some “Playtime”

Nimue is feeling very horny and has tempted her sexy, submissive playmate Janna up to her bedroom in her favourite school uniform, complete with authentic white cotton knickers. Nimue is delighted to be able to take her time and administer a long and very thorough smacked bottom to Janna, in the knowlege that she enjoys each delicious slap to her buttocks, especially when told she must hold her legs in the air, allowing Nimue the uninterupted view of her hidden pleasures, to be attended to in good time!




Check out how shapely Janna’s bottom got further marked only from


I hadn’t kept on top of the uniform updates at until recently when I decided to go through them all and hadn’t realised that curvacious Clover had appeared in 2 films I hadn’t viewed (that was very soon rectified!) and now that I’ve seen them both, here they are taking pride of place as a top recommendation. She’s a top girl and in my busy schedule of bookings this is one girl I have foolishly overlooked so if she is keen I will be contacting Clover to rectify a shoot with me sometime soon at my site. But until then, check out these 2 films, her most recent shown at the site which showcases her talent for looking good in and out of uniform and getting her bum very toasty care of Mike’s shovel hands!

Missing Practice : Rockford School of Dance





Clover Rock showed up at the Dance school and she really wanted to join the cheerleading squad. She was quite surprised when coach Johnson told her that the rules at the dance academy are very strict and that spanking is used. She did reluctantly agree to the terms. A few weeks later she missed an important practise before a show so she was spanked for the very first time. Over coach’s knee her bottom was spanked a fiery red and she had to stand in the corner for a while.




Senior cadet Clover has been late back from a weekend pass a few times and this time her commanding officer caught her sneaking in to the academy red handed. He told her that for one week she was demoted to junior cadet and she had to change in to her junior cadet uniform, and report to his office in 10 minutes. He then gave her a hard strapping and ordered her to write punishment lines sitting on her bare, sore, well strapped bottom. Very humiliating for a senior cadet.

If you want to see MORE of Clover and all the other girls spanked in their various uniforms – CLICK HERE


Part 2 of today’s updates will be out later today, have a good one!

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