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Aleesha’s Painful Induction

Click on this image to find out where Aleesha has starred in many great spanking & punishment films!

Aleesha Fox is one of those girls blessed with a most spankable bottom… she may be horrified or offended by me referring to it as that, I’m not sure as I gather she might not have been overly impressed with the early results of her films with Earl Grey and Amelia Jane at Firm Hand Spanking but maybe relented as the series progressed (I shall have to ask her, eh?). 

Aleesha over the knee of Miss AJR in the “Au Pair Series”

What I do know is that seeing films with Aleesha in are definitely worth whatever entrance fee you had paid… and thankfully there are a few sites that have featured her… and I hope to be amongst those lucky producers who will soon get to test that fine derriere of hers! I don’t often let on who I am filming with and I have listed a few reasons below:

  1. Um, because it alerts the competition, I guess… not that I am overly concerned, as I am not in “competition” and just plod along nicely in my own way, thank you. But you know what I mean 🙂
  2. I’ve done this before with making “excited announcements” only for the girl not to turn up by informing me less than 6 hours prior to a film shoot – leaving me no time whatsoever to find a replacement. (I REALLY hate that and said girls are dropped immediately from my contact list, there are only a certain amount of deaths or dogs being put down that I can take, ladies!)
  3.  Oh, & I don’t really want to put a “mockers” on anything and never assume anymore until the event is done and dusted.

However, Aleesha is a reliable girl, and to add some mystique and tease you good people, I ain’t telling who else I have working alongside her… but it’s gonna be awesome and I have already discussed some “edgy” storylines and such. I’m also hoping our shitty weather can hold out and not let me down as the outside location is awesome and I hope to film in some woods as well… I can’t wait!!! Oh, and I have new HD cams with new lightweight but sturdy tripods which I am itching to use and may take to America if I have room…

But back to Aleesha and one film of her springs to mind, her very first induction at the more than capable – I loved this film and of course, there was also a new guard, “Dodgy Dave” who I have met personally and is a great character, he’s worked alongside Zoe Page and they both give poor Aleesha a humiliating  “welcome” she wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

“Dodgy” and Zoe get down to business with new inmate, Aleesha Fox!

“Telling it like it is!” to fresh meat, Miss Fox.


Aleesha Fox – Prison Sentence 5 years – Treason
Background: Aleesha has been a fairly compliant girl and lived her life in a fairly mundane but expectant way, she has always thought that the establishment she lived in needed shaking up but this attitude never really manifested itself in any other way than to attend an occasional rally. This is where she met Billy Smith, an activist with high ideas and a conviction to act on them. Aleesha found him quite exciting and perhaps the driver she needed to change her approach to how she tolerated the annoying ways of the establishment. Unfortunately she finds herself getting too involved and is dragged into events that perhaps she would rather not be associated with.

Maybe if Billy had not tried to form a break away group from the reactionaries he was supposed to work with, she would not have found herself in the humiliating and painful situations she does now. Not only is she threatened by the mob but is incarcerated in our favourite Prison where she will learn that sometimes you really do need the courage of your convictions…

Check out her intake as she is given the new striking red uniform and given a rough man (and lady) handling courtesy of the guards who enjoy using one of their favourite implements on the newbies… a leather strap








As you will have seen, Aleesha’s 1st punishment at was a memorable one… and members get to see the full films and the much higher cripser resolution images than I have shown here. In case you are wondering what teh site is about by now… why not check out the video below which showcases many typical scenes and girls you can see at this quite original site! Click image below to play immediately.




Have a good weekend, and don’t forget, less than a week to the Olympics we can barely afford! *sigh*

At least some of our ladies are looking to do well 🙂


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Young Ms Ennis (who apparently won an award for her rear end at school – pity it’s not showcased particularly well anywhere) is eminently spankable but one suspects that any potential spanker would be picked up and hurled 40 meters down the road!

  2. tim tim

    The beautiful Aleesha has big spanks from lovely Leia Ann ,wow that girl can take a sound spanking Aleesha ,so can Leia from paul tuba at Spanking Sarah Gregory a great site young Sarah has with lovely young girls spanked and play ,best,Tim.

  3. tim tim

    Yes beautiful girls are on Bars and stripes i am thinking of joining ,.Hot girls at the Olympic Games like Victoria and the British ones playing beach vollyball,they patted each others bottoms when won a point ,best,Tim.

  4. tim tim


  5. If you do decide to join them, can you try through my Bars links as I don’t think I have ever referred the great Bars site via CCbill! & I don’t know why as it’s a great site! Be good to see if it’s working as I’d love for them to see I am supporting their efforts 🙂

  6. tim tim

    yes if i do i will try throgh yours ,best,Tim.

  7. tim tim


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