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Spanking of Ella Hughes

I was bored, so thought just I’d do a feature like this… focusing on one girl’s talents and where you could find her work. Today’s feature is on Ella Hughes, a young, redhead English girl who has been now working in mainstream adult websites etc. for well over a year and before that did a lot of spanking films in between glamour shoots. To save time, these are images only and no clips but there are plenty of links of the sites where you can explore MORE of Ella’s roles in spanking. I somehow doubt she will do much more spanking now that she is concentrating on her glamour and porn career: I guess vanilla porn sites don’t like to see her turn up with a bruised and marked bottom, eh?

So in no order of preference… check out the following stunning images of some favorite scenes that I have seen Ella in… hope you like this as this is your starter for Friday!

From – comes their introduction of Ella Hughes
(this is alongside stunning Aleesha Fox!)

Ella is a cheeky, bubbly redhead currently taking the mainstream glamour world by storm. We are very pleased to have her her at Northern Spanking, with a well-smacked bottom of course! We are introduced to Ella just as she arrives home from school late. Very late. Her big sister Aleesha is unimpressed as she, in turn, is now late for an evening with her, ahem, gentleman friend! Having punished Ella quite severely, including applying her hairbrush to the up-ended young lady, Aleesha wonders as she surveys the sore-looking red smacked bottom if, perhaps, her gentleman friend may enjoying witnessing the next dose of corporal punishment Ella receives!

Check this out and future episodes of Ella at Northern Spanking


Nurse Ella gets her bottom caned – at

I could feature a whole load of films but I liked this one, mainly for the caning AND the fact it was in a nursing uniform, nicely done, Sarah Stern!

npp7078009 npp7078010 npp7078014 npp7078017 npp7078018 npp7078020 npp7078021 npp7078024 npp7078028 npp7078029 npp7078030 npp7078032

Nurse Ella Hughes has been accused by some of her fellow nurses of letting the doctors at the training school spank her bottom in return for money and for giving her higher grades. Matron also thinks that she is not up to scratch on her ward work and in general is a very bad example of what a nurse should be. Ella confesses to what she has been accused of and so punishment follows. This is a harsh punishment which leaves her in tears as the wooden paddle does its work on her bare bottom.

See the many films Ella has featured in at this site HERE


An interesting debut for Ella and her continuing incarceration at is featured below… covering her first day’s introduction and a spat with Officer page in her cell! members will be able to follow more of what happens soon!

ella_intake1_IMG_2237 ella_intake1_IMG_2243 ella_intake1_IMG_2270 ella_intake1_IMG_2289 ella_intake2_IMG_2303 ella_intake2_IMG_2311 ella_intake2_IMG_2317 ella_intake2_IMG_2324

The very beautiful and sexy Ella worked in a bank and was the “Insider” enabling a gang of bank robbers to steal £567,000 from the bank where she worked. The gang got away but the authorities found out that Ms Hughes had given them all of the bank’s security arrangements. Naughty girl! In this first video the Governer spanked her for the first time. After her first spanking the Governor made Ella lay over the desk and her bare bottom received a sound thrashing with the Governor’s prison strap. Then she had to change into her prison uniform and Miss Page took her to her cell.

ella_midnight1 ella_midnight2 ella_midnight3 ella_midnight4 ella_midnight5 ella_midnight6

Officer Zoe Page took inmate Ella to her cell and told her to make her bed. Ella stubbornly refused and she was spanked and spanked until she learned that Officer Page did NOT take any nonsense!

See Ella struggle to adapt to life inside where no one can hear her cries
check out the latest updates from


A surprise hit at and one they took note of was this traditional Mom/Daughter discipline film. More films have been shot like this since as well as their new direction they are taking (under the new ownership of Sarah Gregory). However, this was quintessentially a British discipline film and it received a lot of love. It helped that Aleesha Fox and Ella Hughes looked so amazing together in this film!

Spanked After School – at

001 002 003 005 006 008 009 010 007 012 013 015

This film features two firsts – Aleesha Fox made her debut as a stern, matriarchal figure spanking another new girl to the site, Ella Hughes, dressed in an authentic gingham dress school uniform. Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family! She was spanked OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare and then given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain. Watch this traditional no nonsense film on how we used to discipline naughty schoolgirls at home in real 1980’s surroundings for that added authentic feel of days gone by!

Check out what happens to Ella in this hit film – Click HERE

Or if you prefer… you can just download the HD film on its own HERE


Again, Ella featured in many films for and it was hard to pick one of my faves, but I did like this rather severe hairbrush spanking punishment… mainly because that style of brush is one of my favorites so I know how much that thing swinging in anger really hurts! Ella took is hard as you’ll see! (This was the style of film that convinced myself and Paul to do a double shoot with her! Seems like an age ago now!)

School Bully Punishment – from English Spankers

npp7069004 npp7069008 npp7069012 npp7069015 npp7069021 npp7069023 npp7069025 npp7069028 npp7069034 npp7069041 npp7069045 npp7069050

Ella Hughes has been fighting at college and ended up hitting another girl. For this she was punished at school but the rules at home are that if she gets punished at school then she gets punished at home. She has to go over the knee, her uniform skirt is raised and her regulation knickers taken down, She then experiences a long and painful punishment with a wooden backed hairbrush. The tears will come at the end as she feels the pain in her red and marked bottom.

Check out many more films with Ella starring at


Ella also did some POV style spanking films, her best known would be the very popular “Spying on Ella” but I wanted to remind you of one where she teases YOU in her cute school uniform, showing off her freshly spanked bottom from school, you so desperately want to spank her, looking at her like that. She agrees to let you use a strap on her… but there is a price you’ll have to pay 🙂

spanking ella preview

At Boarding School, you have always lusted after Ella Hughes. You’d do almost anything to be intimate with her, but you’re also a spanko and can’t stop thinking about her pert buns and what they’d be like to spank, just for a short while. You sense another chance to be near her after you had heard she had been punished and spanked – she was doing her homework when you make some weak excuse to help her but the evidence of her recent spanking and the implements used are still on the table next to her homework. This is where this clip starts as she senses she can get something from you too… let’s see how she’ll do it. This girl is perfect at teasing you and you are no match… you are aching to touch her glowing bottom that she shows you ever so slowly… revealing more than enough to make you crazy for her… but she does seem a little receptive this time, perhaps because the endorphins from her recent spanking are still working their way through her system. She teases you so that you can use a leather strap on her, over her tight panties… but you’ll have to take a spanking too! You’re sure she isn’t serious, you’ll do anything to have a go on that cute pert ass… you say anything to do it. After you strap her she reminds you of your bargain – OMG! She was serious… Ella wants to spank you too! She’s holding the strap, looking at you and telling you to get over that table… We’ll leave it here as this clip ends with the dilemma of reaping what you sowed!

pov spanking




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