Old & New Spankings for the Weekend

Yay! It seems summer has finally arrived, well… for a week at least! Memories like this come flooding back as us kids would badgers our mums for some money to go and get an ice cream when the childcatcher icecream van came along with its enticing chimes! I’m in a particularly cheerful mood, seeing the sun beat down on us, giving us a rare warm thrill (seriously, to those outside of the UK… it has been ABYSMAL, truly abysmal!)

Or for those of us that prefer colour and can remember these amazing vans… hope it brings a smile to your face, ah innocent times gone by, you don’t see so many vans doing teh rounds nowadays, they are usually static at beauty spots, as I guess the supermarkets put paid to any impulse purchases when they have so many ice cream offers, I know damn well they will be rolling out the BBQ stuff write now as I type this… *sigh*

Chief remembers these old vans enticing what little pocket money he had on a “99”

So as I get all nostalgic, lets look at some old and new stuff currently available to members of a few select sites I have for you today! & where better to start than Northern Spanking who love so many retro things and props, I came across this old set of Lucy and Sarah Lloyd in an outdoor (very sunny) location, I liked the contrasts and the whites… seeing Sarah getting punished by Lucy was great too 🙂




Coach McLean is sure young tennis protege Rachel Lloyd is not following her training program. Worse than that she suspects Rachel has started smoking. An outrage considering how much the young lady has tied up in sponsorship for her talent! Miss McLean does not give up easily however and plays private detective/stalker. When she catches Rachel red-handed, there is hell to pay. Time the spoilt little Madam experienced an altogether different kind of training!

Something new… The conclusion to Roxy Valentyne’s “Bunny Girl” Punishment.

Sexy Roxy Valentyne throws herself at a very lucky and fortunate Stephen Lewis (you’ll have seen this featured beofre but here is the sizzling conclusion, below). She wants to know what effect her costume for the party at the weekend is likely to have. And finds her answer! HAWT!


More clothes off and more cropping ! Hawt! Hawt! Hawt!


See more of these typically HAWT updates here at NorthernSpanking.com


The 2nd site I’m featuring today is the awesome Punishedbrats.com and a few selections of the old classics can be found below in these galleries that I made personally in honour of some of the best scenes that I had witnessed, and with a girl like Mischa who is currently no longer on the scene (sadly) but we live in hope… and a time when pouty Lorraine Little had long flowing hair (I love her to bits… but why oh why did she have to cut it so short?) of course you get these in the Punishedbrats archives!

Click any image below to access that gallery – I promise you these archives are worth checking out!

& now for something new…

The images below from the 2 most recent new films which members can now download.
Joelle Barros (with long hair) full of remorse as a bad punished schoolgirl *swoon*


Ms. Bacci recognizes Joelle’s true remorse on the final day of detention, but she follows through on delivering the day’s strapping discipline to ensure nothing like this ever takes place again and from the state of her red cheeks, poor Joelle will need plenty of ice to help cool that ripened rump!


& finally to newcomer, Mary Jane… as she bids to make a “Plea Bargain”

Mary Jane begs to be allowed a night’s break from her grounding but hasn’t even completed her homework. When David denies her a night off, her foul mouthed response gets her nothing but more trouble. She is bent over on the spot and given the strap.



Click here to see a FREE Clip of Mary Jane’s very sore rosy red apple cheeks punished by David


Have a great weekend, and I will bring you more news of my latest filmshoot, so stay tuned! It’s a cracker! To all my fellow Brits who have suddenly discovered that there is a big orange/yellow warm globe type thing high in the blue sky… enjoy! & don’t stare, it’s not only rude, but you’ll be blinded!

OK, it’s Pimms o’clock… anyone care to join me? This is what summers are made for. Yippee! Excuse me whilst I go cover my pasty white body in cream, dust off the sunglasses, find my shorts and disgust “Er Indoors” as I lie there like some beached whale.

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  1. tim

    Yes we were like these kiddies at the ice cream van ,nice weather now i live by the sea ,nice post of the girls ,rachel is a little cutie being spanked ,best,tim.

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