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Amber Dawn – A Spanking Goddess

I wanted to focus just one post here today to the most awesome redhead model who you all know I have a massive spanko crush on, one Miss Amber Dawn (from the San Francisco area). It’s such a pity I’m visiting only the east coast of the USA later this year as I’d have asked if I could meet up with Amber & her lucky Daddy… but maybe another time, eh? But in case you are wondering what this infamous webcam babe has been up to, Amber still spanks and still gets spanked as documented on her kick ass 3 site network (buy one membership – get access to all of her  sites and the very latest news of webcam updates including a lot of webcam footage for members only that she had performed previously too!)

 Amber as we best know her – smouldering and pure spanko sexiness!

However, I will concentrate on something from her 2 main sites (access either – and as I said, you get free access to the other) so let’s see what a naughty pain slut Amber truly is, having Daddy spank and thrash her before she submits to pleasuring him with her pouty lips, soft mouth and tight wet pussy!

This is a classic Amber spanking where she and Daddy play out a domestic sub and dom relationship between lovers intimately and perfectly… Amber takes pride in pleasing her man during and after a spanking session… I would assume Daddy takes solace in being one of the luckiest guys around! See why (below)






So, this is the submissive side of Amber we know so well, but this bisexual red haired beauty is also on the hunt for female flesh to spank, oil, lick, suck, grope, slap and fuck herself… and this is where she has excelled over the last few years in my opinion, bringing in some unique models and unseen girl next door types. She has found girls just wanting to see what a good hard girl/girl make out with some seriously sexy spankings thrown in for our hungry eyes to devour!

Below is the latest series at Amber Spanks co-starring blonde submissive, Abbey Rhode.







Abbey has featured in other films with Amber and they are just as hot!

There are 3 option sign ups!

  1. A continuing Trial Sign up for under $5
  2. Monthly sign up $29.95 then just $24.95 for all 3 sites after
  3. One off payment for 6 months access for $100 (that’s approx $16 a month & no rebills)

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