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Exclusive Kami Robertson News

Kami Robertson stars in a unique film “Race Cheat” with Kami punished as a naughty girl guide! I’ve mentioned this film before at one of my other blogs but as there is also a NEW film with a great long play story arc coming out at the main site tomorrow, I thought you might also want to be reminded of this little nugget first as it’s the only place you can see it (it’s not at the main site) – Please do read on for more info, Kami fans… then I will show you what’s coming over the next month or so!



The above images are taken from a unique girl guide spanking and paddling film of Kami Robertson,. who I have to say made the MOST adorable girl guide I have ever spanked, as you will see… absolutely stunning… and she took quite a pasting too, especially in the scenes you see here with the dreaded bathbrush! I loved this story too, a bonus of working with Kami is that she insists on working on a decent storyline and this was a good one. This film is still not available at my main membership site, it is only available at the specialist CLIPS STORE – I still have no plans to release this anytime soon so if you want to see this or any of the scenes, do go check it out as it is a cracker!

You can view it at SpankingLibrary (the bathbrush scene shown here with a decent free preview) I would have uploaded the rest at this site too but it is painfully slow and not always successful to upload to them (downloads as a customer are fine, by the way! (but I have NO patience which is why there aren’t many films there… nothing more frustrating than trying to upload and the connection times out their end) but it is good value as I can set the price rather than it usually being fixed at a clips store at approx $1 a minute and I have started to shorten some clips there to make that more viable and cost effective for those on a tighter budget! CLICK HERE

Or you can view the FULL film and/or clips from this special inique film at the CLIPS Store

CLICK HERE to find the exact location of this Kami Girl Guide Film


There is also a new Kami Robertson film coming out tomorrow at AAA Spanking

This will be going up tomorrow (Wednesday) and co stars Harold Jackson who employs Kami as his live in maid and he exploits her submissive nature by demanding ritualistic punishments for her poor work which he finds fault with at all times of the day. It’s a dark film, with an equally eerie lighting to capture this mood. Kami’s skivvy maid outfit is perfect and what she has to endure in the build up for the concluding film where she presents a birch and is punished mercilessly in between intimate caresses that no employer in the outside world would dare cross… but it’s an enclosed place, a private place of Kami’s submissive world – a daring spanking film noir as you will soon discover when both these films come out over the next few weeks!






& coming soon, the second of this maid series with Kami’s naked birching!

This week is also your last chance to get the long tern Loyalty membership working out at just $8.50 a month!
Seriously… Once this is gone, I doubt I’m bringing it back, not even for Xmas! So be warned!

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OK, back soon with more updates.

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  1. tim tim

    Lovely little Kami ,look forward to this,John i have joined Bars and stripes through your blog ,best,Tim.

  2. it didn’t show my end so i must have had an outdated link 🙁

  3. tim tim

    oh well i joined through here ,it is a good site with Zoe giving big spanks to the minxs ,best,Tim.

  4. tim tim

    John i cannot get on Bars and stripes with my codes which is stupid and annoying ,i recently joined as i told you ,best,Tim.

  5. I have forwarded your problem to the owner of bars and stripes.
    how’s that for customer service, eh? lol

  6. tim tim

    Thank you John i can get on now ,nice site ,best ,Tim.

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