What the deuce?

Hello everyone, as I wake up on my 2nd day here in the US… it’s a gloriously hot sunny day and Friday will be rumoured to be a hot and humid 100f (far too hot for me) so as I type this before going downstairs for a breakfast… I have had a few people remark on my accent already and it made me laugh as I love saying “What the deuce?” just like the character, Stewie Griffin from”Family Guy”… Ok, so I play up on it, but it’s a giggle. & as I haven’t much time, here are some galleries to keep you all amused whilst I scoff on our continental breakfast 🙂

Click on any image below for the gallery of your choice 🙂




Back with more galleries from the UK later… gotta go, I need to get some new shorts for my pasty white legs! God help the good people of Baltimore… oh and I shall be off to an Orioles v White Sox game later this evening… looking forward to plenty of beer and hotdogs as I watch a game of “Rounders” Might post an image or 2 of that.

“What the deuce?”

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