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Newsworthy Spankings from The Camerman

A new week and yet more spanking news and updates. I am currently uploading a lot of content at my own site to prepare and change the index pages when I am away on my trip to America soon… yes, I don’t use a content management system like the professional sites out there… just l’il ol’ me updating and adding pages and content as and when. Still, as long as I got the data ready all I have to do is make certain pages active from my hotel internet connection and “Hey Presto!” a new spanking movie page appears!!!

& with that insightful knowledge, let’s get on with some exciting stuff I have seen appear over the weekend from one of my fave networks and getting played on my laptop. Checking in with The Cameraman’s latest efforts at Spanking Sorority girls – we see 2 newbies to the site and pledge sister Amaya spanks and uses a wooden spoon on Riley’s pert bum!

Pledge sisters Amaya Meda and Riley have been ordered to clean the kitchen as part of their chores. Riley skipped out to go to her volleyball practice. Amaya offers not to tell the seniors sisters, if she takes a spanking from her. Amaya puts the tall, curvy bottomed Riley over her knee for a sound spanking that makes her bottom bright red. After using her hand, she finished with the wooden spoon. Riley must rub her poor bottom after this, and has trouble sitting down.




See the full film out now to download at


…the conclusion to this naughty story of hooker babes and their life of spanking punishments and play at the hands of their madamers and clients continues with Veronica Ricci once again reaching parts of my eye stalks that no other can!

Audrey Tate (played by Veronica Ricci) visits a lady client. She starts to make out with her until she discovers the client, named Betsy, thought this was free. Audrey is so upset that she spanks the lady to teach her a lesson. However, once Betsy discovers she does has some money after all, she decides to spank Audrey if she is going to pay her.




You can the whole naughty film of the spankings and the girls making out at


A rather bootylicious new model is on show at Spanked Sweeties this week, and although she is not a true spanking model, her interest in our niche didn’t stop her trying out some great Mom/Daughter roleplays with a professional Domme and showing us her big bouncing bottom made for spanking… she’s into fetish, is a burlesque performer and is called Ludelle Hahn

Ludella is a Burlesque and Pinup model who was curious about spanking. She wasn’t spanked growing up, but is known for her curvy bottom and wanted to do her very first spanking shoot for this site. So we brought in the very experienced Lady Olivia to do the interview and to give Ludella her first real spanking. Ludella’s choice was to do a role-play. So Lady Olivia played her mom and gave her what was essentially a warm-up spanking. Be assured, this was a spanking with a stern scolding and made Ludella tender, but it also allowed for Lady Olivia to give Ludella a second, harder spanking that ended with the hairbrush. As a final treat, Lady Olivia gives Ludella a small taste of a riding crop. All those who love a girl with real reactions and a luscious booty should enjoy this new Sweetie!




See more of Ludella’s 1st ever spanking on film RIGHT HERE


& don’t forget, as if you could, the ongoing updates to THE Big Schoolgirl spanking event of the summer – EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 7 is now available to view at and if you click onthe image below it will take you to a special free promotional gallery of this great long play film…

All the above sites are massive in their own right and will keep you occupied well beyond a month if you take those options, but remember that you can also view 5 sites (including all the 4 I have shown above) with one cheaper multi pass download from the CLARE FONDA PASS

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  1. tim tim

    Ludella is a new littlecutie girl,very nice ,Veronica has big spanks and gives them to other beauties ,wow ,best from ,Tim.

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