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Crazy K-Pop Girls & AAA Spanking Updates this week

Here’s a video I have been addicted to watching recently… check out these sexy Korean ladies dancing to the latest South East Asian craze…. gotta love these girls… heh heh! Gangham Style!

& if you love Asian chicks then just check out a typical K-POP video – O… M… G! Is this shit even legal?
It should be outlawed for causing unwanted & serious Trouser Arousal in elder gentlemen like myself!

OK… let’s get onto the serious business of why we are here… for more spanking updates. Right?


& I’m going to start with what’s happening at my site as there are some great updates this week!  Yesterday, members got to see a full HQ gallery of our 1st intro film of stunning leggy Joelle Barros. Joelle is part Brazilian and part German (but all American) currently residing in the NYC area so I picked her up from Philadelphia 30th St Station in my hire car and promptly got ourselves completely lost on the way to the studio which was about 25 miles away (oops!) God knows what she must have thought, but Joelle was a genuinely sweet girl, serious about her kink and also rather pleased that I had bothered to choose to film with her (well, along with 3 more girls later). I think when you see these images below, you’ll see her long legs which I have noticed before… and she has a killer body made for spanking! Anyway, enough of the superlatives… check out the 1st OTK spanking film… and I have to say I got her bottom nicely red in this no nonsense warm up film! The film is out NEXT week… but members have the HQ images (like the ones you can see below)



Oh, and on the way back to dropping her off at the station, I got lost again, not as bad… and she taught me it was OK to overtake and undertake without mercy on the freeways… we here in Britain do drive faster, but we always overtake towards the central reservation, no undertaking, that’s illegal and really pisses off other drivers here in the UK if you do that, Anyways, from my observations, seemed pretty much anyone could do what they want so I just hit the gas and got us to the station a little quicker than when we tried to find the studio earlier that day! You see, that’s what I like about America, just do what you gotta do 🙂


What’s NEW at AAA Spanking this week?


Now out later this week a great new double girl punishment film – in fact a  very rare chance to see Irelynn Logeen and Leia Ann Woods together in this never before released film of 2 girls wasting time getting ready in the bathroom… come on girls, you know the score when you take FAR TOO LONG preparing for the night out… here we see my frustrations blow over as both girls dare to justify the excessive delay… so I decide that a helping hand is needed to speed them up. It’s also a great excuse to see 2 wet bottoms spanked a nice red, the images below are actual video screen grabs!




Check out MORE of this new video production at the usual link HERE


& nearing it’s conclusion, the long play submissive maid series – The Birched Maid starring Kami Robertson takes a darker turn as she is stripped of her clothing and submits for her birching as the master of the house takes advantage of his new servant for his own selfish desires! You won’t want to miss this!




See the FREE Clip of a very tearful submissive Kami Robertson HERE

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