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Quick Spanking News Updates

Hi all, just some quick updates with 6 choice images from each site to show you just what is out there today… these are quality spanking updates from other sites I take a keen interest in, so you know this will be all good and to your taste!

However, before I continue, I’d just like to mention that I will be updating the Clips Store far more often after a response to me with several emails, seems some of you really do just want to download the odd clip, and I will also be announcing some news soon on Naughty Bottom – but for now, you can download 2 clips from the very latest movie (as I promised yesterday) just released today on called “Bathtime Spankings”

Click image above for a special FREE HD Preview clip

& clicking on the images of Irelynn or Leia (below) leads to their special clips at the Store for one off downloads!


For all other clip updates and plenty more appearing during this week, check out the site (below)


OK, and onto other sites I have really enjoyed viewing this week so far! I absolutely love seeing Sarah get a thrashing and spanking, there’s something about a more mature lady getting her just desserts, I sound like I’m aging her, but you know what I mean! A very good looking woman getting a spanking and put in her place always does it for me… and this scene below with a handsome new spanker ticks all the boxes… there’s also a free preview clip for you to check out too!




The tables are Turned: Headmistress Sarah is a firm believer in corporal punishment and has administered it to a young lady that day. Now an angry parent is at the school and is demanding that Sarah takes the same punishment she dished out. An argument and something of a struggle takes place before Sarah finds herself face down on a vaulting horse being spanked and paddled. Then to add to the humiliation she has to push her bare bottom in the air for a terrible hard beating.

Click here to see the FREE HD Preview Clip


 I love trawling through the vast archives of Northern Spanking – I came across this beauty of a film, a short sharp shocker of Donna in a cheer girl’s outfit getting a good hard OTK spanking and leathering for forgetting her pom poms!




See why I rate this site withtheir great archived content – check it out HERE


Another girl that should know better is Audrey from – especially when she got caught out shoplifting by Veronica (you don’t want to be doing that!) This is a particularly “ouchy” film and Veronica doesn’t hold back on Audrey’s fantastic rounded rump!!!




See this film IN FULL at this link HERE


OK, short and sweet, that’s it from me for now and I’ll be back later! Have a good day. Chief.


  1. tim tim

    Very nice bathroom spanks ,2 beautiful girls ,wow you are a lucky chap ,best from ,Tim.

  2. life is hard, Tim… but someone has to spank these naughty girls! 🙂

  3. tim tim

    indeed ,best from ,Tim.

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