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My American Film Shoot (confirmed)

Just a quick update as I will be on the road (yes… on Labor Day!) luckily I won’t be heading to the beach so I should be ok.

These are the 4 (un)lucky girls Chief will be getting his grubby British paws on as 4 of the hottest fetish models from the east side will be bratting and tempting the old colonial git to thrash them… and more. In no particular order of merit or favouritism (seriously folks, I will be like a kid in a candy shop!) at some point all 4 girls will be in a few films together… imagine the awesomeness that is…

Joelle Barros – so sweet and genuinely makes grown men like me weep with those legs that go on … forever!

Ashley Graham (she giggles a lot and likes to be naked (I can do that!!!)

Nyssa Nevers (a friend of Ashley and one of the best known fetish models out there!)

and Carissa Montgomery

Carissa has an awesome smouldering look and I had been unfortunate to mess her around with a  missed communication, but she is nothing but courteous and professional enough and we are still filming … can you see why I’d want to work with ALL of these amazing girls? this is going to be some shoot! I will let you know more as soon as I can.


  1. tim tim

    Very nice indeed ,best Tim.

  2. UncleJ UncleJ

    yes please

  3. ron ron

    Joelle wears her panties down so nicely. She may be naughty, but she’s got such a total “girl next door” sweetness about her. I look forward to seeing her punished frequently and in the most deliciously embarrassing situations.

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