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Back from the Vomiting Dead!

It’s a nice title today! Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days… I was really quite ill, so ill, it felt like I had flu (the real one, not the infamous “man flu” which ladies never get). I had the first round of winter vomiting bug or “Norovirus” which ensured anything I had eaten got expelled rather quickly and my poor tummy cramped at the thought of anything entering it, even water, so I ended up severely dehydrated… but I seem to be over the worst and am able to blog again. To be honest, I have never caught this bug before and was a little non plussed by people complaining about it, so I guess I got what was coming to me… it’s nasty and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! OK, Just to start with, to confirm the “Girl Guide Flasher” film with Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers is up at the site and available to view… I have also got you a couple of freebie galleries that I’m hoping my lovely affiliates are using too (big smile)… just click the images below to access those!


Oh, here’s a few blog exclusive images behind the scenes of the girls goofing about…and just LOOK at the mess they make!


& to let you know what is coming out over the next month or so, here’s some screen images of the movies you will get to see if you take up membership this month or of course the very special “Loyalty Offer” which is still available as a parting “thank you” to those of you who have supported the site throughout this tough year for everyone!

next up: Danielle Hunt in a very naughty & twisted schoolgirl punishment film! Whacked really hard with the cane for getting caught touching herself over the teacher’s spanking magazines that she stole from the Teacher’s Common Room… see the twisted punishment unfold!

The build up to Xmas 2012 sees the Triple A debut of stunning Carissa Montgomery followed by our naughty exploits of Uncle “Dodgy Dave” & his delightful Christmas presents thanks to Amelia & Molly! (it’s a mega movie and fun… and of course it has both girls together in a films being spanked, what more could you want?)

After that… there’s a really good film I have kept back over 2 years with a tearful Kami Robertson with her red hair in very cute pyjamas getting a severe belting on that most delightful of posteriors to ring in the New Year! This is an awesome line up for you all… believe me!



I’ll be back later with some outstanding other spanking updates after all, I don’t want you getting sick of just my stuff on here, I’m naturally biased, but there’s more out there, of course that I have to catch up on and they are worth waiting for! Have a pleasant end to the weekend 🙂

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    john ,glad are feeling better,best,Tim.

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