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Whoops, I put up the wrong movie!

I had advertised inside the members area that I was going to be showing a film with Aleesha Fox and Zoe Page, it was about Aleesha trespassing on Zoe’s property and the inevitable consequences that followed. However, in my befuddled mind, I started updating and uploadng another entirely different film of them both (it was also filmed outside which may have confused my feeble brain) … but fear not as it’s a good film so I wasn’t bothered when I realised my mistake, and in fact, it’s a film I should have put out earlier as the photoset, which you can see HERE was the first mention of the lovely Aleesha at the site: so I suppose it’s fair to put that one up now rather than later!

So if you also click on the image below you will get a new gallery from the film itself with the full explanation of what happened when Mistress Zoe tricked her foolish Dorm resident into discovering lots of spanking implements instead of the stash of cigarettes she was hoping for! *heh heh*


You can see a free preview clip of Dorm Mistress Zoe page punishing Aleesha Fox HERE


This film will be also uploaded as a one off download at the Clips Store later today 🙂

Sorry that this is short n’ sweet, but I will be out for the most part of the day so need to get my update out and I will be back with all the round up of the industry updates later.

Regards, Chief.

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  1. tim tim

    John it is an excellent vid with 2 lovely girls ,best,Tim.

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