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Revenge at Exclusive Education 7

Just a quick update to the ongoing schoolgirl drama that you can now finally start to appreciate in full as the 2 hour epic of the films, extra scenes and bloopers reveals what can happen tot he teachers too… such as assistant Sarah Gregory… who had been such a bitch to the girls, here below you’ll see her get her own comeuppance. I’ll then recap via the galleries that Girl Spanks Girl have thoughtfully provided to show how it came to that!

Click any image below for the full gallery that shows how teacher, Snow Mercy and her assistant, Sarah Gregory administered the Exclusive Education double punishments to all the girls in class!

As well as the multiple girl scenes in the classroom that makes each series of the Exclusive Education films unique there are also extras as you’d expect like the office of the principal and punishments confined to the offices like the scene below of Snow at her best spanking Kay Richards – over her knee… this is now out for members to view and download!


Below is a recap of all the previous series of Exclusive Education, click any image for a selected gallery from that year, a membership at this site or as part of the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass gives you full access to all of these excellent long play films with 4 other top quality sites and the full archives of the site containing the EE series, now with all the 1st 3 EE films fully remastered for 2012!

To see more check out the tour pages of Girl Spanks Girl HERE


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  1. tim tim

    Plenty of cute spanked botties in this excellent series ,best.,Tim.

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