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Spankable Catie

In the “All About the Ass” section, here are a few very sexy images of Catie for your viewing pleasure, I don’t have much time so I better get on with this and I’ll post a big weekend update tomorrow, whether you’ve seen the images or not, you know this blog ALWAYS gives you the best optimised pics… so it’ll be worth waiting for!

Catie isn’t a spanking model… but her ass is designed for such delightful pleasures, don’t you think? We can all imagine finding an excuse to spank this tight tushy, eh?

In other news, I have been busy offline as I have been mastering my latest additional software – yup, it’s editing software which I have been working on and now  the next films from my American filmshoot you’ll see are all my own work and it’s pretty damned good if I say so myself… continuing the style that my site has become known for, no pretentious stuff, just good stories and great spankings you want to download!


and remember, my next shoot, keep e mailing me at my website address, I’ve had some interesting things to think about!

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