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Playing “Spanking Catch Up!”

Today is a great day for me to catch up on some spanking films and scenes/images etc that I have missed due to some horrendous work commitments away from here and my site (yup, I need to work to keep a roof over my head, despite what some troll thinks I get up luring girls to exotic locations and all whilst we play in champagne filled baths offset then sell off our videos for $10,000’s) but guess what – I digress! (LOL) – So onto a site I love, they just get on with making great films and image sets that always grab my attention, here are some of the great scenes you can see this week from some of the latest updates to start with below:

Zoe Montana inspects her bruising and receives more punishment at

This set with Zoe Montana made me smile as I know the story behind those horrendous marks, I hope she kept her end of the bargain and did another shoot with Paul! I also slept in that bed a month or so before Zoe was on it, I was kept up all night by a rattling window pane and felt like shit the next day when I had a shoot with Jenna & Taylor at the time (oops!) It’s a pity this place is now not available as it had so many institutional rooms that I wanted to make use of… but I did film here a few times and there are many films to come, but guess what – yup, I digress yet again, this is about Northern Spanking“Get on with it, Chief!” I hear you cry out in despair!



It used to be called Borstal. What its called now Zoe is none too sure but every day this sadistic superintendent in a leather jacket arrives and gives her a beating. Creative too; even the insides of her tender thighs do not escape a strapping.

I nominated Stephen Lewis as “best spanker” – it’s not just the way he spanks them but who he is with… here are a couple of very recent films with lucky Stephen and some of the latest girls featured, such as redhead Serena Storm and brunette Roxy Valentynne in the film “Bum Notes”.




Roxy is taking piano lessons from Miss Storm at the insistence of her father. But the fact she has made little to no progress in 7 months raises questions for Mr Valentynne. And he wants answers!



In her debut for Northern Spanking – it was decided to give Mila as much exposure as possible… to the whole of Las Vegas in fact! Punishment, as is usual in these circumstances was left in the safe (and paddle-like) hands of Mr Lewis! To see MORE of Mila and the gorgeous girls featured above CLICK HERE


OK, this is simply one of Sarah’s best films I’ve seen in a while, mainly because it features Sally Spark getting something she should have had a long… long time ago, a damned good thrashing in the buff! She has worked for Sarah a few times (even producing some films for the dreaded x*r*t*cs when they approached every Brit producer for content when they were in dire need after I got shafted BIG TIME by those schmucks who sold this tired “spanko empire” to the new owners who I admit I’m not best keen on either. $1,000’s were owed to me which should have been included in a sale but of course the brothers had conveniently gone into Voluntary Administration fucking over our tax authorities and the many creditors (I was second highest behind the tax man, btw!) and of course my lost affiliate revenue promoting those sites when the new owners took over (which really hurt me BIG TIME) after they changed all my affiliate codes… (but guess what, I digress again, eh?) So back on track… & the best work of Sally is without doubt at Sarah and Mr Stern’s sites and this latest offering is a real cracker! Seeing Sally’s beautiful body, completely starkers (she is extremely beautiful) was an added bonus and why Spank Cat DEFINITELY approves of this movie and many of Sarah’s fantastic films she produces herself giving us a new full film each and every week at a much lower price than expected – Check out her membership options and you will see what I mean! I love seeing Sarah getting spanked too so this is a fantastic bonus and there is a vast archive of spanking smut and films stretching back several years! Oh, and you can also vote for my blog and site if you like on her excellent blog’s spanking awards for UK Sites HERE (pretty please!)

In the meantime please do check out Sally’s punishment below!

This is what Sarah had to say about the latest film: Sally has made some spanking films already but felt she was not pushed to her limits, I was happy to discuss this with her to see just how far I could take this young blonde beauty. I decided to use a variety of implements on her soft bottom and breasts… the martinet, a strap, a paddle and the riding crop. Sally took it all, much harder than than she had ever experienced and it made a great film of this teenage lovely!






See the HD Movie preview of gorgeous Sally’s Punishment HERE


Meanwhile Sarah’s “other half” has had his hands full spanking some lovelies over the years and he makes a welcome return spanking ample BBW Darcy who has THE most spankable bottom, I’d “love” to get my hands on that bubble butt rear!!! Wouldn’t you?

Mr. Stern is on call to exasperated husbands and boyfriends to come and deal with errant wives, in the most extreme cases he will visit the wife at her home and record the events. The range of punishments depend upon the behaviour problems but with Darcy the  first miscreant of this new series who has been cheating on her husband he decides to start with a spanking on her large firm bottom. The spankings are severe and obviously painful.




Will Darcy learn from this bare bottom spanking? FIND OUT HERE FROM THE FREE MOVIE PREVIEW!



Another Spank Cat approval rating for Sound Punishment as schoolgirl Fae Corbin gets a nasty wake up Detention from the hands and slipper of Headmistress Stricktland, poor Fae’s bottom takes a pounding, first over the lap of her teacher then bent right over getting a good old fashioned slippering that the other girls could hear in adjoining classrooms!

Below are some lower resolution shots I took from the promo vid and played around with them for added effect, however, members will get to see a proper HQ Photoset and the full film in much higher and clearer quality than you can here, below images are for illustration only…




Get to see the best previews and full movies HERE


&  here are some nice images to nearly end this British spanking post on today as RedStripe films takes a look at the antics of Kami Robertson and Dani Loveday as both girls bottoms take a severe last punishment from their day’s filmshoot… I’ll let the images do the talking from that shoot as well as the official explanation (below) which basically means the girls got a good thrashing! 🙂

This film just should not have happened. The shoot was over and the crew were packing away when the girls started to brat. They were in the mood for more spanking and paddling and caning. That’s what happens when you have great spanking models like Kami Robertson & Dani Loveday. So what to do? Only one thing, out came the spanking toys and they both got what proved to be the most severe thrashing of the day. Did they like it, yes they did and so the day continued.








See the mayhem with a free preview clip at the aptly named Red Stripe Films website HERE


Darn it, I nearly forgot so here is the final Brit spanking update of the day… how could I? (so sorry, Pandora!) I never seem to be able to persuade any of my readership to sign up to Pandora’s great site, God knows why, perhaps you are all already members (it wouldn’t surprise me) or I’m never taken seriously on here (blah blah blah… spank cats and such) but just in case… take a taster at the very latest offering from her website below 🙂 Does the Spank Cat dream of spanking? Hmmm…

taken from the film “Prove Your Love!”

Two college sweethearts have both been players in their time, but now want a way to prove their commitment. They decide to follow the fraternities, and challenge each other to pledge their troth by bending over for ten swats with the large wooden paddle. If you take this, you must really love me!  A unique, believable and entertaining switch scene featuring both F/M and M/F spanking.




Check out a long play free preview of this great switching film HERE


Hope you liked this promised 2nd update here today!
I’ll be back soon with yet more goodness from the spanking internet! Chief

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