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Aline Ambrose at Bun Beating Fun

Greg just contacted me to let me know his latest HAWT girl was now available for members and I gotta say I was real impressed with this girl! Aline Ambrose is, in Greg’s words… “extremely hot in the classical sense of the word and what’s more, she’s clear off the scales in terms of slutty sex appeal.” High praise indeed!

Check out a picture of her below and you’ll see what I mean – My God! Fortunately she was an extremely badly behaved brat with a fantastic ass that was like a red rag to a bull for the guys at Bun Beating Fun when she came for her modelling assignment and left with a very sore red bottom, snivelling and vowing to be better behaved in future! (I hope not, she needs many more spankings and I’d be more than happy to help out!)


So the usual happens, she hates the location… she calls her agent after Greg’s pal (the Mystery Spanker #2) is unimpressed and I know it’s not PC, but I found it funny when she swore at the guys and TMS-2 muttered “bitch” under his breath… you can feel the tension rising and once her ear was pulled – she was doomed! Over his lap she goes and what follows is a blistering spanking that lasts an age, her knickers are pulled down and her bottom grappled with and mauled like a piece of meat which adds to her humiliation and pure shame… she pleads for it to stop – but it doesn’t as she needs to learn her lesson and (close to tears) Aline is given a spanking she wouldn’t forget in a hurry… there’s a twist at the end too… images below should help illustrate this – I love these guys, they how how to deal with real uppity brats!

aline01 aline02

aline04 aline05

aline06 aline07

& so the long painful spanking begins…

aline08 aline10

aline12 aline13

aline14 aline16

aline17 aline19

aline20 aline22

See how red her bum has become in a short space of time… & then the dreaded wooden paddle is used to properly ensure Aline has learnt her lesson… she is given the paddle across his lap and then when she is told to face the wall so he can admire his handiwork… another few stinging blows are administered… phew! This is no pattycake spanking and I know it is not to everyone’s taste, but I certainly enjoy watching these movies and I know many of you do too!

aline21 aline23

aline24 aline25

aline26 aline27

aline28 alinefinal

Go check out the FREE Clip of Aline’s punishment HERE


I hope you enjoyed this film review 🙂

OK, I will hopefully post a little later tomorrow as I have an appointment with my accountant to give me the heads up on the tax I owe, I’m nervous! (lol!) Back soon, hopefully not too impoverished! The amount of tax I pay depends on how many film shoots I can do over the next few months!!! I shall let him know that… heh heh!


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