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Latest Spankings from the USA

Here’s a blast of images and what I have managed to sneak a look at, some of these sites, are… as usual, giving us humble punters something to really enjoy! I’m starting with David’s excellent site and his latest punishment of the gorgeous Joelle Barros who fortunately NEVER learns her lesson! I love seeing Joelle spanked, it’s safe to say she is my number one spanking crush at the moment 🙂

unattended1-1 unattended1-2

unattended1-5 unattended1-6


unattended1-7 unattended1-8

Young children need constant supervision around a pool so David is furious to find out Joelle has left them unattended. Since she has clearly not learned her lesson about responsibility, David must once again give her a spanking. This time he dangles the errant nanny over his raised knee and gives her a spanking with her tiny bikini bottoms pulled down. See the FULL movie of Joelle’s newest punishment film HERE


It would be hard NOT to mention the fact that Clare Fonda made her last active spanking appearance recently at the very latest movie now available in full from My Spanking Room Mate and it’s a real winner as she says goodbye in style alongside 2 ladies she has often worked with most frequently… drop dead gorgeous and tall, Snow Mercy with the very lovely Kay Richards (she is the one with those addictive perky tits and amazing spankable bum)

r125e03l r125e04l

r125e08l r125e10l

r125e11l r125e14l

r125e15l r125e23l

r125e24l r125e30l

r125e34l r125e35l

In Clare Fonda’s last ever spanking scene, she is moving out of the complex and her long time friends Kay and Snow Mercy give her a New Year’s toast – and they end up toasting each other’s buns rosy red with hand and hairbrush. They all went hard with that “last is the hardest” mentality as you can see from these great full size images taken to compliment the full film which you can see HERE.

If you don’t like this site only… remember it is part of the 5 site CLARE FONDA PASS
(which might be more paletable to you as part of your daily spanking updates!)

Random fact… here’s a naughty image of Kay working for another site…


image is courtesy of my Spankingblogg tumblr image site

There’s lots of random images of bottoms, beautiful girls and spanking pics!


Finally today, from comes this great F/F spanking movie

cgd_bj002 cgd_bj006

cgd_bj010 cgd_bj011

cgd_bj014 cgd_bj016

cgd_bj017 cgd_bj020

cgd_bj022 cgd_bj024

Jennifer Torrance’s juicy bare bottom is spanked and paddled to jiggling perfection in a College Girl Discipline dare with Tanya Carter. The freshmen are looking for evidence that Mr Anderson has a fetish about spanking, so how about a little spanking roleplay in his office… seriously… this is delightfully HAWT!

Check out the free movie preview HERE


Have a great day and don’t go too far…
I shall try to get you some more naughty spanking updates later this week 🙂


  1. Tim Tim

    John ,yes a nice site .John i cannot play Amelias wheelbarrow spanking on Windows it says low memory ,can you check this ? best,Tim.

  2. Sounds like a problem your end but can’t check til weekend as I am away. Right click the vid file and choose another program to play the file like vlc player or something or clear your browsing cache but you might lose saved codes that way. Or is your pc or laptop memory nearly full. Might be u need to use an external hard drive and save files there.

  3. Tim Tim

    Thanks ill check it out ,it is the latest ones doing this ,best,Tim.

  4. Tim Tim

    John might the lovely Jasmine return to your site to be spanked ,that would be great,best,Tim.

  5. I am sure I will get her back again this year 🙂

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