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AAA Updates

I’m away at the moment and my internet connection is very limited so that is why there is no posts from me until now and this will have to be brief so I apologise but service will be resumed normally very soon ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to start with news at my site of a new film which has just gone up and is another delightful and naughty F/F spanking film starring real life friends Nyssa Nevers and Ashley Graham. It’s a sort of PJ film as it has the girls in some football (or soccer) style bedwear (they were really for boys but the girls look great in them) … and is kind of topical for us here in England as the 2 teams the girls represent are heated rivals and again in the TOP 2 positions of the English premier league (Manchester Utd and City).


Images below are taken from the film and there’s a link for you to watch a freeview clip as well!

camgirls001 camgirls006

camgirls015 camgirls032

camgirls038 camgirls050

camgirls064 camgirls071

camgirls080 camgirls096

camgirls111 camgirls113

camgirls128 camgirls144

camgirls160 camgirls164

Nyssa’s English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of the wicked old Uncle’s plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! He wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show? Check out the movie and see for yourself.





I’ll get the above film uploaded to the Clips store this weekend along with more short clips ๐Ÿ™‚

Back soon with more regular news and updates. have fun… hope you enjoy the new film, next week will see a return to the “Uncle Knows best” series and this has schoolgirls Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay given a short sharp reminder that there are still chores after school at home to do!!! Bye for now, Chief.

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  1. Tim Tim

    John a nice vid withthe girls being naughty and playing and giving spanks out to each others botties ,best,Tim.

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