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Stuck in Airport Chaos Hell (or) All About the ASS #72

A short post from me and another day where I am one day further from even trying to complete my tax return before the end of the month. I am here typing on a dodgy hotel internet connection, no hope of getting any spanking updates out today and wondering if I will get back fit and in time to work at my dayjob tomorrow. We have been visiting relatives in a French ski resort, the weather this past week has been VERY COLD so I didn’t get much skiing done, it was far too like Canada with wind chills down to -35c and such! What really pissed me off was getting back to Geneva to fly home last night, the heavens opened and a lot of snow fell, the roads were a disgrace going through the city and our little hire car was sliding all over the place. Worse was to follow when the legendary Swiss efficiency came to a grinding halt when chaos ensued as all flights out of the airport were cancelled. It took us 7 hours to get our checked in bags then a piss take cab ride into the centre of Geneva to stay at some expensive hotel and we are going to try and fly back to another airport which is only 200 miles away from our original destination… otherwise our next flight back will be TUESDAY!

geneva1 geneva2

To say I am a little pissed off  IS A FUCKING UNDERSTATEMENT!

In conclusion… as I have long predicted and realized, Switzerland is just over rated, it’s far too expensive, and they are human like the rest of us with this pathetic airport coming to a grinding halt like the useless English ones when a little snow appears… FFS! This is a snow sure country, you can see the Alps in near distance. Anyway, whilst looking and perving on Tumblr blogs I came across this fantastic lady and her photographer husband and felt they deserved a mention, here are some fantastic images from her blog I have posted a link at the end – enjoy! At least her magnificent body and ass cheered me up, let’s hope these images brighten your day up, I have a long shitty day a head not knowing how we are going to get home after landing at bloody Luton Airport (those that know where I live will laugh as this is one of the worst airports for us – we were offered Southend, which was even more of a piss take) but we literally have no choice – and to be fair, Geneva is NOT a place to be when you just want to get home!)

Feast your eyes on Celia Cole, images by Aden Cole… her lucky hubby!

celiacole celiacole2 celiacole3 celiacole4 celiacole5 celiacole6 celiacole7 celiacole8

See more of Celia HERE


  1. Tim Tim

    Nice photos ,i seem to be able to download the latest vids on AAA spanking again ,very nice with the 2 girls spanking botties blushy ,hot ,best ,Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    Nice photos ,i seem to be able to download the latest vids on AAA spanking again ,very nice ,best,Tim.

  3. Here’s hoping you are on a plane and safely home soon. We were rather lucky as our flight was one of the few to not be delayed

  4. Tim Tim

    Little Kami had a whacking from you , i believe she is a spanker now ,best,Tim.

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