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The latest movie at AAA Spanking

Hello again… as I promised, I would be back with news of the very latest film to come out at the site and it’s a bit special as we explored a dark theme, a non consensual fantasy of Jenna Jay being kidnapped (we filmed her getting overpowered with the aid of chloroform, attacked from behind) and with us next seeing her on film, stripped naked, tied to a punishment bench (very BDSM) and the kidnapper informing us that this video was being made for the benefit of her daddy so he might just cough up the ransom sum… just a Million Dollars for his precious daughter! & to help persuade him, a CP demonstration with some heavy straps, hairbrushes and other wickedness was carried out on the sore red quivering buttocks of a whimpering Jenna! Oh to add to her discomfort and shame, she was blindfolded and ball gagged! As I said – dark! We loved making this… and a behind the scenes spoiler is that Jenna DID agree to film this beforehand, so fear not! We didn’t actually coerce her, of course!!!


I liked this image so much I put it on my twitter account as the main picture ๐Ÿ™‚

OK, what I have for you below are some images which are not yet released for members, the actual full size images (1800 pixels wide) will be out next week but members DO get to see about 100 video images at 1280×720 resolution (the ones I’m 1st showing below are a bit smaller) along with the full film straight away in HD-WMV or HD-MP4 (there’s a choice but the MP4 films are always so much clearer and better quality!)

ransom002 ransom006

ransom014ร‚ย ransom018

ransom028ร‚ย ransom045

ransom049ร‚ย ransom052

ransom069ร‚ย ransom071

ransom082ร‚ย ransom090

Daddy’s precious little girl, Jenna Jay, was kidnapped and taken to a secret location where she was filmed in a most humiliating way. Stripped naked, bound to a punishment bench, blindfolded and ball gagged! This video was made with the sole purpose of upsetting her wealthy father into agreeing to pay the realistic and modest ransom of $1Million! This severe spanking and BDSM style punishment was just the start of her ordeal if daddy refused to pay up after viewing this horror! See what they filmed… and see why he stumped up the cash, no questions asked, rather quickly!

Images below will be available in a much larger format than shown here!

ransom01 ransom02


ransom06 ransom07


ransom08 ransom10

You can check out a FREE WMV preview clip of Jenna’s strapping HERE

The thing to remember in this film, which you can clearly see… is that Jenna can not! This added to her not being able to anticipate any of the whacks off the heavier implements like the thick 3 tailed leather strap which we have rarely used as most girls run a mile when they see it… or the heavy hairbrush/nasty stinging bathbrush that is also much hated… so the reactions are more pronounced and felt… even through the drooling mouth of Jenna… because remember… she was ball gagged throughout most of the movie except when it was removed for her to plead to her daddy to pay up or she’d get more and far worse!!!

Disclaimer: We’d like to think that if this had actually happened…
then Jenna’s father would have been suitably horrified and coughed up the money!

To prospective models, don’t worry, we won’;t kidnap you… honest!
Here’s Jenna smiling afterwards… I think through relief more than anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

whoops… wrong pic (lol), that’s another of her getting that nasty looking 3 tailed strap! Yikes!


This film is also available as a one off download at the Clips Store right now ๐Ÿ™‚




OK… to lighten this post a little, here is a pervy image of 2 girls kissing…
oh, and grabbing ass (very nice!)


Back soon! Regards, Chief. x

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