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Bonus Spankings

It’s my birthday today so to give you something to cheer about, here are some great images from a site I love to bits and am always disappointed that no one else thinks so! Or that is what I think from my links, as I can see if someone signs up to the site and no one ever does, apparently! Which I find odd. So if you have signed up to this site after viewing these HOT images from this fantastic long play movie starring Kami Robertson & Lilly Lovell, please let me know.  I hope you enjoy these edgy and somewhat dark images presented here, there are over 6 full size image sets and of course the movie with sadistic Matron Lucy McClean & Prison Officer Page carrying out the duties on the new intakes at

Please enjoy, I shall be taken out for a meal tonight and I am allowed to use any implement apart from the cane on her behind when I get back as a special treat! I think the heavy hairbrush is in order… or perhaps that vicious bath brush? No wait, my new wooden paddle or the carpet beater… OMG! Choices, choices! LOL.

kami2_medicalmayhem - 018 kami2_medicalmayhem - 027

kami2_medicalmayhem - 044 kami2_medicalmayhem - 050

kami2_medicalmayhem - 077 kami2_medicalmayhem - 089

kami2_medicalmayhem - 100 kami2_medicalmayhem - 120

kami2_medicalmayhem - 129 kami2_medicalmayhem - 145

kami2_medicalmayhem - 157 kami2_medicalmayhem - 175

kami2_medicalmayhem - 192 kami2_medicalmayhem - 198

kami2_medicalmayhem - 220 kami2_medicalmayhem - 238

kami2_medicalmayhem - 248 kami2_medicalmayhem - 269

Humiliating inspections and punishments before the girls are taken off to their cells – this is the start of the latest “hell” that faces these two inmates – welcome to ladies!

To see more and check out the inmates that are punished at this great site – click banner below



  1. Happy Birthday!!

    kiss kiss:)

  2. Tim Tim

    Yes a Happy Birthday from ,Tim,I am a member of bars and stripes ,cant always be sure where the new content is ,is it noted ? best,Tim.

  3. Grace Grace

    Bars has not been updated in over a year.

  4. If you are a member you will see it is updated several times a week… every week 🙂

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