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Latest Spankings & Previews

I have a treat for you today as I take a quick spanking tour around and there’s some great stuff just released, some fabulous new films and HD movies as well as a special sneak preview at what is coming up next week!

For those who can’t get enough of seeing Kami Robertson spanked caned and humiliated, then you may already be aware that there is a new movie of her featuring at where she is caned hard in the shower room at her school! I love the storyline of this, where ol’ Mr Osborne really loses it with her after she accuses him of being a perv so he decides to act like one and then see if that’s to her liking… it most certainly isn’t and he ensures that her full round bottom is caned hard, as she shivers naked, exposed and throughly humiliated by her ordeal… as he decides he wants to see her shower too! members can now see the full parts of this movie and I know that the super-duper HD version in MP4 format is out next week. Check this preview clip which shows a small part of what members are viewing in the latest update today!

This version is great but you can also download the MP4 version of what will be available HERE

I also have news about next week’s movie which comes out after the weekend. I’m quite proud of this little movie between myself and Leia-Ann Woods (looking incredibly cute, I might add, in her pink Gingham school dress). This movie actually does justice to the severity of the overall punishment as Leia took a very hard spanking and a great OTK paddling before I really let rip with the hairbrush! Seriously, until you see it in full, I’ll let you decide then, but it really was one of our hardest punishments filmed and Leia’s red bottom at the end was testament to that! Anyway, enough said, below are a few teaser images of what’s coming VERY SOON! (Oh… and they were very cute knickers Leia, if you’re reading this!) *wink*

I’ll let you all know a little more on this Monday… but it’s one movie (ha! like so many) that you shouldn’t miss!!!


Checking out the latest spanking updates from japan, and the first below from has one of my favorite uniforms, Suki is wearing her pristine schoolgirl Sailor Suit, seriously there is something about Japanese girls who can only pull this off, personally I’m not keen on seeing Western girls in these outfits… it just doesn’t look right… but hey, that’s my personal preference, luckily for me… and I hope you too, you will be able to appreciate why I love seeing these girls punished in them in their native country. & what a punishment this is, she arrives home to find the cane waiting for her, fixed to the wall, and her slow deliberate removal of her regulation knickers and the ferocious caning leaving some very noticeable welts! It’s one of their best movies in ages! Check out he preview clip and the images of this latest update, “Cane in my Room”.

Check out MORE from the extensive tour pages for all the very latest Japanese Spankings


There’s a nice new movie just released at which has a new girl to the spanking scene called Vivica (strange but memorable name) getting her first ever spanking – she’s a young beautiful friend of Kat St James who is one of those typical up and coming models who has been making very bad life choices just to make some extra money. She had recently resorted to porn, which she was very ashamed of. Kyle ran into her at one of Kat’s shoots, and after telling her what his discipline accountability sessions were all about, she asked if she could come by to try one. After a long talk about her decisions, Vivica went over Kyle’s knee for a very hard bare bottom spanking which left her sobbing and making her reflect on her shameful choices she had recently made! She’s cute as you’ll see below and of course she gets the trademark Kyle hand spanking and hug at the end!


Marked Butts Amateur Spanking Website


In Holland, things aren’t getting any better for Donna, courtesy of who has once again been caught out snacking and for a girl like her who is training to be a ballerina… this is disastrous… has she not seen the movie “Black Swan” ?? This snacker is going to find that her coach has been eyeing up her telltale wobbling bottom and he’s got further plans for it as you’ll see!

When Donna was doing her Ballet exercises, the coach noticed that her bottom wobbled just a little too much. He asked her to come into his office and she was weighed. She had put on a few pounds due to her continual snacking. Obviously the spanking wasn’t enough from before so she had to lay over his desk and she got a long, hard leather paddling instead! After the paddling she was marched back and she had to jog to the far wall and back and she was bent over and paddled after every run to burn off those excess calories!


Awww, I loved this next update I’m about to show you, obviously taken in homage to “I dream of Jeannie” the once popular sit com series from the late 60’s I remember watching as a kid… well, here’s a great take on the series with Paul… Sarah’s tormentor at SarahGregorySpanking – having a break from tanning her behind and they decided to call their little film ” I dream of spanking!” (indeed!!!)

Basically, Paul is cleaning his glass lamp when a Jeannie comes out. (I know I try to write in the US style of spelling where possible since over 70% of my readership are from North America… but, gah! Jeannie? Can’t you guys spell anything correctly? * heh heh * & for my English readership… “Genie” – anyway, I digress!) He is granted 3 wishes. His wishes are to spank a Jeannie on her clothing and on her bare bottom. She is not too happy about this, but she must submit to her master. He decides to save his 3rd wish until later as he is nice enough to give his Jeannie a rest before she gets more! See some images below and you’ll see they actually spent a little time working this one out! Nice!!!

Check out what other spanking goodness is now available at Sarah’s great site HERE


  1. brad brad

    WOW, absolutely LOVE when the girl is stripped naked for a spanking, ESPECIALLY someone as cute as Kami….love her sweet lil breasts bouncing as you cane her. good job btw on her bottom…well placed strokes:)

  2. How dare Kami call me a pervert 🙂

  3. brad brad

    Agreed! Naughty lilttle Imp she is. Glad you used the cane on her bottom! Well done chief
    (more stripped naked spanking please….lol)

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