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Brand Spanking New!

Happy May Day everyone… the 1st of May is the real start of Spring for me and many of us in the northern hemisphere… so I hope the weather where you are is reflecting this. I am away at the moment, I’ll let you know more on that later but not today… I had an awesome day’s skiing, something I haven’t done in May for a very very long time and hope to do so tomorrow too… right, less chit chat and on with some updates as I want to get this done ASAP as it’s already late here and I’m on battery power on the laptop… eek!

All updates below feature some of the latest updates or films now showing at the respective sites! If anything else, then please just enjoy the images from these fine sites!

Interrogation Training for Leia Ann Woods with the bathbrush at Firm Hand Spanking

training_d001 training_d003

training_d006 training_d008

training_d009 training_d010

training_d013 training_d015

training_d016 training_d020

Thomas Cameron has a tough approach to interrogation training, including humiliation. Cadet Leia-Ann Woods is bent over, bare bottom ready for 130 stinging smacks with a wooden hairbrush. Click here to see the astonishing free preview clips


A superb all female spanking (by Katie Didit) on perky teen Bow Jangles at Spanking Sarah

npp5079009 npp5079020

npp5079024 npp5079032

npp5079037 npp5079045

npp5079048 npp5079050

npp5079056 npp5079064


The second of this new series starring Katie Didit, the beautiful young Bow Jangles was sent along to serve her time in the House Of Correction. To say she was unhappy about this was an understatement. She had to strip off whilst still in the kitchen and then bend over for an intimate examination before she got her welcome spanking from Miss Katie Didit, who had an extremely strong right arm and knew how to hurt a tender young bottom. Despite her protestations Bow had to take the first of a series of harsh punishments which you can view in full right now – see the FREE Preview HERE


& again we see Miss Leia Ann Woods in her 2nd installment at English Spankers

npp5002002 npp5002009


npp5002016 npp5002017

npp5002020 npp5002024


Leia Ann Woods has just auditioned for the Sexy Cleaning Company but the company boss spots that she is in fact a reporter from the gutter press. After some painful questioning she comes clean and has to accept punishment from the most fearsome thick leather paddle ever seen. Her poor bare bottom is really battered and bruised by the time this terrible thrashing is over – you can see an exclusive FREE preview of this HERE


Finally today… the headline of the next film always reminds me of Diego Maradona’s handball cheating goal against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico (which he later made up for with a brilliant solo goal) however, this picture always brings it back…


CHEATS NEVER PROSPER! (some just get fat)


The update below shows a great collaboration with Sarah Bright working with Northern Spanking as you’ll see her slipper gorgeous tennis cheat, Sally (aka Satine) Spark – red bottoms and pretty tennis dress and knickers a guarantee! mmm 🙂

NSI109-SSX001 NSI109-SSX005

NSI109-SSX022 NSI109-SSX024

NSI109-SSX027 NSI109-SSX030 NSI109-SSX041

You can see much more of Sally at Northern Spanking – Click HERE


OK, that’s it from me… just about got there before the battery power faded!!! *phew*

& of course just a reminder that my latest film with Danielle Hunt at AAA Spanking is now out and you can see a free preview on the tour pages as well as you will be and you will be able to view this at the CLIPS STORE too!

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