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Sophie’s HOT new spankings

It’s still sweltering unusually here in the UK, I had a day off from work which was a blessed relief from my stress there and have been juggling several things recently so it was nice to not do much (well, I did update my site… more on that in a mo) and I have not wanted to spend time in the sunshine… I’m at an age, (and ugly appearance) where I really am past caring if I get bronzed or not… unlike, say, 20 odd years ago. But I think my skin could do with a break – so no sunburn from me (yet)!! I didn’t realize that if the weather here was at a reasonably high consistent temperature of +30c (about late 80’s farenheit, I think) for over 5 straight days then it is officially considered a “heatwave” – hardly sweltering, but it’s warm all the same and the 1st time we’ve had consistently high temperatures like this day after glorious day since 2006 – yes, that long ago, that is how shit our summers have been here for the last few years!!! So I will not complain, I’m rather pleased and happy that our lawn is turning yellow, it means I don’t have to mow it for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

Please, do I have to keep my clothes on? I’m so hot! (yes you are, my dear!)


& onto the promised updates, if you check out my site, you will see Sophie given a double punishment by Zoe Page who has a naughty wicked plan to humiliate her… an OTK spanking in that cheergirl uniform followed by *drum roll* a wheelbarrow positional spanking leaving NOTHING to the imagination! Someone complained that I was too porny? (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) well, this is kinky and naughty and I loved making this. Zoe and Sophie did too, actually… see more images below, I have some HQ images (reduced in size) as well as some screen shots showing you what you can see as a member of the site watching this naughty little flick ๐Ÿ™‚

sophiecheer02 sophiecheer03

sophiecheer04 sophiecheer05

sophiecheer06 sophiecheer08




Sophie was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the bad behaviour & poor attitude would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, the opposite was happening & her latest “boob” mishap with her magnificent breasts popping out of her tight cheergirl uniform in front of a capacity crowd had shamed her fellow cheergirl troupe & her coach! All because Sophie couldn’t be bothered to wear the correct sports bra! This film starts with Sophie being told she will be punished, she doesn’t argue, just accepts her fate & whimpers as Zoe progresses quickly to a bare bottom OTK spanking before the final humiliating & embarrassing finale of her punishment… a 1st time wheelbarrow positional spanking! Sophie knows that Zoe can see everything, every detail of her private anatomy & added to the stinging smacks, Sophie pleads for this new humiliation to stop! This double discipline might have just got through to young Sophie at last!

Below are some screen shots and if you haven’t already, so check out the FREE CLIP below

sophiecheer006 sophiecheer019

sophiecheer025 sophiecheer036

sophiecheer037 sophiecheer046

sophiecheer050 sophiecheer066

sophiecheer079 sophiecheer085


If you just want to watch the OTK spanking or the wheelbarrow spanking clips then this can be done at the following clips stores below, a quick cheap alternative if a membership (even a non recurring one) seems somewhat daunting as I just counted up the films and there’s now about 150 there, all with extensive screen galleries and about 90 image sets, not bad for around two and a half years worth and I only started filming from zero… nada… scratch in ร‚ย Sept 2010!!!

Click either image below for direct access to the clips

sophieotk222 sophieWB


Check out all the films from both clips stores below:







  1. Just AWESOME. Your wheelbarrow-position vidz are sizzling hotness. Thank you! Will be bloggin’ on this soon.

  2. thanks Dave… they are so freakin’ cute, aren’t they? Addictive viewing!

    Colin, they are not *that* weak and I’m hardly going to show you the best parts for free, am I? (hardly fair to the actual paying members of my site that support our work)*sigh*

    If you don’t understand WB spankings – fine. they’re not about brutality or severity, fucking hell… they are about submission, intimacy and above all, they are erotic spanking “punishments” or play. Sophie still gets her ass nicely reddened!

    *rant over* at such blind “spank the fuck out of them” ignorance ๐Ÿ™

  3. Tim Tim

    John is this on AAA spanking your great spanky site? best,Tim.

  4. Yes it is, Tim, the OTK and Wheelbarrow parts are both there in HD-WMV for your viewing pleasure the title is “Double Punishment” It’s clearly marked on the main member’s page ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tim Tim


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