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Latest AAA Filmshoot News

Brrr! It’s bloody freezing – one of the coldest starts to our official Springtime for ages… and I wasn’t sure whether I’d get one of the girls to arrive from the frozen wasteland that is the Midlands of England yesterday at my most recent filmshoot after she made a call at 7.30am (she was on her way), but stuck in traffic and cars sliding all over the place on a diversionary road back to the motorway that was clear further along. This was one of the main motorway networks, the M1, which was shut both sides due to a bad overnight accident. But Sophie managed to get there and not too late, which was really cool. She is one of the new girls to appear at my site, and she was am-aaa-zing! The other addition was Amber, who I had tried to get in ages ago… this time she was free and had a little easier journey coming from the capital by train … and like Sophie, was dedicated to getting there as agreed and took a taxi to Waterloo station when there was an incident near to where she lived. She explained, she too, would have been delayed from taking an agreed train time.

I got to the venue the night before (later than expected, I might add) and “Dodgy Dave” recommended a decent local Chinese restaurant where we had some nice food, washed down with Tsing Tao beer and discussed all things spanky, put the world to rights… and then retired for a nice bottle or more of fine wine… we went to bed at 3am, something I vow NEVER to repeat ever again before a shoot. Not only was I utterly unprofessional *ahem!* … I paid for it the next day being unusually more scatty than normal… forgetting where I had misplaced things like the clapperboard or a camera, costumes and such. I also had the services of Zoe (again) #yay! & she quickly pointed out the error of my ways. “Yes, dear!” There was none of that nonsense at Paul’s 2nd shoot with the lovely Alex, she would say… Zoe was present there and confirmed that they did some great stuff so the pressure was on for me to try and justify getting the girls I had brought to this location in such crap weather and making some good films. I just about winged it in the end, thanks to the many cups of coffee, Dodgy Dave’s soluble paracetamol  and we started off nice n easy with some new Wheelbarrow spanking films, I had a new 3rd light for the overhead position and got so close that it seemed like a POV spanking from Zoe, lol! See some early preview images of Sophie and Amber (below). I also concentrated on my new project and did some amazing footage of the girls…


I started with 4 short films and although I can’t say at the moment just what it is… we are getting better at producing this type of film and I am really impressed with what we made this time as this type of thing can be a bit alien to some girls when they are asked to perform it… but I now know what and how to get the most out of the girls, in between copious amounts of cuts… but it’s all worth it, I promise! Then it was a favourite subject of mine… as you’ll see below!

Wheelbarrow anyone? *heh heh*

SWS_1295 SWS_1300



And then onto the main films of the day. Now I love chocolate, I eat far too much of it as a rule.. & I had hoped both girls liked dairy milk chocolate too… and luckily they did, so the story was set where they got punished, rather harshly, I might add, for stealing and starting to eat chocolate and were punished top to tail on the dining table, forced to eat the chocolate they had so loved – yet I had to associate chocolate with punishment, so forced chunks of it down their mouths as they cried and complained, whilst getting their bare bottoms soundly strapped. Remember your mother trying to make you smoke 20 cigarettes in a  row when you were a kid if you were caught smoking? It was that type of scenario... Definitely one of my fave films of the day and I think this will be the first films reddened backsides…

SWS_1403 SWS_1405 SWS_1429

They’ll never want to eat chocolate again!
Incidentally, I “generously” gave the girls these pyjama costumes, they looked gorgeous in them!

I had asked the girls to do a lingerie girl girl shoot and they obliged with a rather nice film on a double bed… a believable story too, as they played models and girls doing 1-2-1s who had been spanked by their clients, they discuss their day and sooth and rub cream and massage each other’s sore butts. A couple of pointers to look out for which I found hilarious was Amber putting too much cream on Sophie’s behind (I scooped some out of Sophie’s crack between takes… ha ha!) and Sophie’s rather strong man spanking style which genuinely had Amber gasping in shock (after she had given Sophie some lighter taps… whoops!) All good fun, I’m sure!


gameTime for a game… this was tricky to carry out but I hope the edit goes well as I had to move cams a few times.. a twisted game of “Spankopoly” the girls didn’t stand a chance as they endured this monthly ritual humiliation instead of the usual punishments… in Dave’s dark mind, the girls always lost and paid the forfeit of various spankings and punishments. I loved Amber’s reactions to this and eventually Sophie just had enough, turning the board game over in frustration, only for Dodgy to punish them both outright… cue great facial shots, I particularly caught Amber’s facial reactions well on camera… so I hope this film is as good as I remember!

Things you might not realize: I will remember this film for nearly burning myself on the lights as the angle for the facials both here and in the film I was on a hand held cam and stuck right in the corner of the room… it got a little hot but it was worth it!!!

SWS_1512 SWS_1528

Other notable films included a special film for Sophie’s Twitter followers at the hands of #cakeboy – well, Mr Osborne (moi!) as he had better plans for a mouthy Sophie as she was tied down to a spanking bench, and this gobby lady was ball gagged and then punished with a hard wooden paddling and other various painful implements that I am sure her followers will LOVE seeing her get!



Sophie had to leave after this, to avoid the bad weather closing in, Amber was a little more local and unaffected by it so we closed on a fave subject of mine… “Naughty Nurses” – what’s there not to like about nurses getting their comeuppance, eh? So that ended with a good hard OTK spanking for a very bratty and arrogant Amber – just the prescription from the Doctor… *cringe*

SWS_1592 SWS_1608

We couldn’t film outdoors, as it was far too cold, unfortunately… so had to be content with not shivering as much inside. Zoe was helping behind the scenes with coffee and tea making duties and helped me try to find items I had misplaced and of course helped on the cams… luckily for her, “Mr Hand” wasn’t needed to remind her to ensure the camera was switched on… Something we can giggle about now, but some of you might notice that the Xmas film only had one angle for the final scenes of Amelia and Molly (whoops!) So now I religiously ask if the cams are rolling and away we go 🙂 You should know that all cams were on and rolling as and when required! *phew*

Not many images actually “behind the scenes” for this one (sorry) but here’s a nice pic that some of you might like as Zoe signs her model release, I just thought I’d grab me something nice!


So that’s the latest filmshoot and as you can see there are some interesting films and gathering new developments that I am excited about too which should come to fruition soon! Like all our film shoots, they aren’t cheap, they never are… it takes a lot of hard work, preparation (Ok, I was a little trashed from the previous late night this time) but the advance prep of securing the girls, the location, the props and clothing, an idea of scripting etc… the travel and the streess of making it all work does take it out of you… but it’s always worth doing! I shall look forward to my next shoot with anticipation 🙂

I hope you guys like what I have planned… and below is a preview of the latest film to be showcased this week at AAA Spanking


My next film due out this week stars Jasmine and Sophie K. (see below) in a quite satisfying OTK spanking film. Both girls got to watch the other at close hand, seeing the other’s bum slowly turning redder and angrier with each slap – how delightfully humiliating.,.. and of course they then had to endure the agonizing wait afterwards as that dull numbing feeling of aftermath spanking pain took hold as I watched them sternly!

otkspanking01 otkspanking02

otkspanking03 otkspanking04

otkspanking05 otkspanking06

otkspanking07 otkspanking08


In case you had forgotten, here was a post I had written, drunkenly (there’s a theme going on here), on the evening of the aftermath of that particular shoot CLICK HERE for some nice images of these 2 girls who helped make a memorable filmshoot for me 🙂

OTK Bedtime spankings comes out later this week HERE


Before I go, some of you may have seen this at the Clips Store, it was a special advance screening… check out the other films available there as one offs, that includes new girl Alex Reynolds in the excellent “Naughty Mr Bear” movie which has proved to be a big fun hit! It’s also available as a full HD download 😉

Check out the Store’s latest films (below)


Ok, night night… and a BIG thank you to Amber , Sophie & Zoe along with Dodgy who made it a good day despite my lack of sleep!
& sorry for not feeding you all properly as I normally do!!!

Thanks people… next time I promise to be good, (yeah, right!) *wink*

This post was sponsored by the Chateauneuf de Pape wine council


& “Connoisseur Bear”



  1. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi again,

    What more pyjama spankings at triple A? and not one with me in it? lol.

    Thank goodness you make the effort I think every other site as given up on this wonderful mode of spanking dress. (Although Shame on you for allowing naughty Sophie to wear her knickers below).

    When might they both be on your site as I think its gotta be worth a month or so’s fee as opposed to Clips4sale.

    Thanks Chief for these so anticipated works off spanking drama.

    regards as ever paul

  2. Hi Paul,
    I think the 1st film I will get out will be the chocolate eating punishment one in those oh so cute PJs I got the girls (I let them keep them as well!)

    I have Joelle Barros coming up after their punishment in her PJs looking HAWT and she wears knickers underneath – but fear not, I punish her for it and make her strip off and then put them back on “sans panties” for her punishment! That’s a good one too!

    Those will come out back to back in a few weeks or so – so best wait til then. I’ll let you all know here, of course. Clips4sale can be expensive unless you just want the odd clip, I think it’s madness to buy from there when I got 130+ films now, but since everyone does it, and I get a little extra income, then I have to follow the sheep and do the same 🙁

  3. Paul Down Paul Down

    Thanks for the reply,

    As you know I am such a fan of pyjama spankings it is oft’ better for me to take the clips option but has you have so many and more on the way I will join the site for a month or so. But will probably wait for the spankopoly one too arrive on site too.

    So much great chice of my particular brand of spanking on your site. If I still bothered with my blog I would give you a massive Zillion out of a ten

  4. Tim Tim

    John you have excellent vids with lovely girls ,best from ,Tim.

  5. Tim Tim

    Look forward to this with the new girls being spanked on your site ,best,Tim.

  6. new film is up now, Tim 🙂

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