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Anne of Red Bottoms

American Literature was never my strong point… I suffered/tolerated and did reasonably well at high school with “English Literature” – old classics from Chaucer (14th century for goodness sake!), Shakespeare (16th century, but actually rather good once you understood them) and early novels by Henry Fielding such as “Tom Jones” from the 18th century (in fact he was credited with writing the first ever novel as I vaguely recall) – I also remember suffering Milton’s “Paradise Lost” book of poems whatever they were (11 & 12?) – all I remember from my fantastic English teacher (who was my idol and mentor when I was 17 at school) was that in order for us to understand those books we had to read the 1st two, he apologised to us and mentioned just how sneaky our school’s examination board were to do such a thing… but I digress. As I said, American literature for me was a no no… I’m pretty much clueless and ignorant in that regards, so when Sarah explained to me that her latest film at was a play of words on a novel called “Anne of Green Gables” – I had to look it up in Wikipedia (you can too HERE if you like) – “Anne of Red Bottoms” is just a nice play on words and a good excuse to spank a young madam in period costume – but I heartily approve, and it looks great!


This film also features an early scolding and spanking scene by Dana’s character (Marilla) of Givan (Matthew)

annered002 annered003 annered004

annered005 annered006

annered007 annered008


Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked. Feisty Melody Nore plays “Anne”, and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Anne’s best friend. Uncle Givan plays Matthew and Dana plays Marilla. In the first scene, Matthew gets spanked by his sister Marilla for bringing home a girl when he promised to adopt a boy. Next, Anne is spanked for being a girl and having a cheeky attitude. In part two, the girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Marilla comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.


annered011 annered012

annered013 annered014 annered015


See both girls thoroughly scolded and spanked by Momma Dana as only she knows how!

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I shall be back later with a more comprehensive round up to finish the weekend!
With thanks to the novels of L M Montgomery for today’s feature update




  1. Thanks so much baby for the special feature. Great write up. Love you. xxx

  2. Alan H Alan H

    Don’t tell Michael “Gradgrind” Gove you like lit from the damn Yankees!
    Don’t think Tom Jones can claim the “first novel” prize, though it’s probably one of the first in English that’s still regularly read. Fielding was (once again) taking the pee out of an earlier novelist, Samuel Richardson, whose epistolary novel Pamela he’d already satirised in Shamela and Joseph Andrews.

  3. ah… Hard Times – my favourite Dickens novel. A young blinking boy’s description of a horse still makes me smile in Gradgrind’s educational establishment.
    My English Lit teacher (God rest his soul) loved this novel and got us kids to as well… even the choice of the name Gradgrind was deliberate! hehe! 🙂

    Unlike Fielding’s Tom Jones which I vaguely remember as being excruciatingly boring.

  4. Tim Tim

    Looks a good vid with Sarah and Melody ,oh blow im not a member of Sarahs other spanky site I am of her main one .have to consider rejoining ,I already belong to a few dozen wow,best from ,Tim.

  5. A few dozen? Oh wow… Tim, you must be the ultimate member!
    I thank you for supporting my site, at least… without members like your good self I could not continue, that is a fact.
    I always pride myself on trying to look after my members, they really are my lifeblood now that my site is my only source of income again (which is rather scary!)

  6. Tim Tim

    Yes I joined Pandoras Dreams Of Spanking recentlywhich is full of lovely English girls being spanked ,best , Tim,also giving spankings too.

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