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Special 1st Early Bun Beating Fun Preview

Happy Monday everyone… another long week ahead for some of you, I guess, looking forward to the weekend again. So I shall attempt to start things off for you people too upset that you have 5 days of hard work ahead of you until your precious time off. I guess Americans will be especially looking forward to the following weekend for some strange reason that I find totally offensive as a blue blooded Brit (I am kidding, so don’t get all literal on me, ok?) – so what couldn’t be more American than the excellent site and their highly amusing and mildly offensive (to some overly PC idiots that take things waaaaay too literally) – it’s a tongue in cheek site treating the really badly behaved,  bratty and nasty models to some good old fashioned discipline these guys only know how… hard on the girls bare bottoms!

Greg let me see his latest offering a little early, knowing I am a fan of his site and we plan to meet up, I hope, in Florida later this year… but for now… here is the continuation of a popular story arc that members liked… the bratty model’s agent turns up… and she gets the same treatment.

smurfasaur001 smurfasaur002

So, last time, it was left with model Alexandria left to contemplate the consequences of her bratty behaviour doing some walltime after a good hard OTK spanking by Mystery Spanker, Rick… when the door knocks and a really gobby, mouthy loud young woman with some serious attitude demanded to know “what the actual fuck” (sic) was going on with her girl. Well, you are about to find out in the glorious medium of image and a video clip I have made so you will see just what happens.


smurfasaur004 smurfasaur005 smurfasaur006

The agent is not your conventional type of girl… she is rather “unique”, I don’t mind saying… and at first I took an instant dislike to her, perhaps it was her overly tattooed body, perhaps her foul mouth which Rick remarked on… or perhaps her hairstyle or piercings… I am old fashioned and set in my ways like that. But, actually, I really got to like watching her get a spanking, it could be something to do with the fact that she possessed a very… VERY spankable ass that cried out for a good ol’ fashioned thrashing. She has a rather interesting name too… Smurfasaur (OK, I don’t get it… but hey, I’m an old git, OK?) what I did like from the moment she got her ear pulled and taken over his lap was the way in which her clothing was deftly and expertly removed bit by bit… you could tell Rick  just wanted to spank this naughty foul mouthed agent… another purveyor of uppity and poorly behaved models that had given both Rick and Greg a lot of grief… and you find yourself willing on Rick to  get her pants off quickly. We are not disappointed… she has a most spankable posterior and it was turning red rather quickly.

smurfasaur007 smurfasaur008

smurfasaur009 smurfasaur010


She still screamed and complained… now remember her model that she had sent on the previous job was still doing her walltime and Alexandria saw this as her time to get the hell out… which you see her sneak out… leaving the near naked Smurfasaur alone with her tormentors.


“Yoinks! I’m outta here!!!”

She started to become a little more contrite and you actually warm to her, feel for her as the spanking is rather relentless. She politely gets the trademark wooden paddle that the guys use… a sign she was learning her lesson and I actually enjoyed the sight of this naked young girl now… whereas before I may not have, perhaps it was the contriteness making her appear more attractive? (she had a nice little pair of titties… how’s that for being not politically correct? LOL)… so back over his lap she goes for the last part of her punishment…

smurfasaur013 smurfasaur014

smurfasaur015 smurfasaur016

smurfasaur017 smurfasaur018


The paddling which ensures her bottom is an angry sore red before she too ended up doing her walltime. No answering back… no complaints, this young lady had learnt her lesson and accepted what she had done was wrong… and of course we get to see her cute spankable butt and body (and those pert li’l titties below) one more time.


smurfasaur022 smurfasaur023

smurfasaur024 smurfasaur025

Bravo Greg and Rick… this was a surprisingly good film and I liked the little out take scene at the end… I won’t spoil it too much… but Rick has something to say about some of the implements they use… there is also a nice scene of Rick rubbing Arnica Lotion onto the butt cheeks of a very grateful Smurfasaur. A tender scene to end this on.

Below is a special freeview clip of a screaming and bratty young girl learning her lesson!

You will be able to view this film in full this week… and it compliments the many other themed spanking retribution films that have become so well known for.


  1. Tim Tim

    What a rude young woman she needed spanked.

  2. Tim, I can assure you she was spanked long and hard and was very humble at the end… it’s a very good film 🙂

  3. Henrique Brazil Henrique Brazil

    I loved the part of Arnica lotion. Too bad it’s not something that always appears in the videos. I’d love to know, for example, as Kelly Divine or Maklaryn treated their “injuries”

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