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Casey Calvert is back at AAA!

Hello everyone… great news this week, if you’ve already visited my Clips Store or viewed the front of the website HERE (remember to refresh the page as my Chrome Browser doesn’t always pick up the latest updates for some reason) – then you will have noticed Casey Calvert is back and looking mighty cute in her English style pajamas. Yes, she’s not wearing panties underneath either (lol) – I forbid her to.

smedia006 smedia011

smedia026 smedia030

smedia034 smedia038

This is a sort of step dad/uncle authoritarian figure style of spanking from me to Casey who I catch out using social media on her phone after I had sent her to bed early for some other infraction previous to this. So this is where the film starts… she isn’t even under the covers, the lights are on and she is just texting and contacting her friends despite being grounded. She had also blocked me from the various accounts that I had monitored as I knew this naughty young madam could not be trusted. So there you have it… in I come… I catch her out, we argue and discuss this for a bit but I am fed up, I have confiscated the phone and can see the sort of people she is chatting to online have been forbidden in my house as they are a bad influence so it is with a heavy heart that I feel that I have failed and so must spank Casey once more… only this time she is getting a little more than a quick spanking, she is getting it on her bare bottom which upsets her a little and she is suddenly oh so contrite and apologetic and promising to be good… if only.


smedia053 smedia055


smedia071 smedia090


This spanking has the desired effect but I was never truly satisfied that she meant what she was saying… so I placed her on all fours and removed her pajama trousers and spanked her with her bare bottom on full display… I could also get a better view of how red her bottom was getting as well as knowing that I could see her private parts and she was aware of that too – suddenly she was doing as she was told. A final “Social Media” humiliation ended this punishment when I took a picture of her red bottom on my own phone… to be used if she dared play up again –

smedia094ร‚ย smedia108


smedia115 smedia112

Do you want to see it? This was the actual image (below) that I took during the film – an exclusive to this blog ๐Ÿ™‚


Feel free to circulate it but do please keep the copyright watermark on it, this is so people know where it came from – thanks. Below are some screen images, they are reduced in size but you get the idea and the originals are full 1920×1080 size to go with the HD film formats in WMV and MP4 playback. This is not the first film I have shot with Casey, in fact her others are pretty raunchy… not to mention the films she has made at the POV Clips Store too (wow!) below are some galleries where you can find more of Casey’s work at my site as well as the POV films she did which are awesome (more will be coming soon from her too!)

You can also see a free clip of Casey’s latest spanking film on the front of the site HERE



The Images below lead to free film galleries of Casey’s other films out in full HD…

Casey’s Special Detention (with Miss Sarah Gregory)


Cheergirl Casey’s Detention Punishment


All the above films can be downloaded in the highest HD formats at the AAA Clips Store


& Casey has also appeared in a couple of POV films… as you will see, just click on either image below and it leads directly to the film the full description AND a short preview clip. These have proved very popular, it is hardly surprising when you read up about these film clips, they also happen to be among the most popular, especially the POV wheelbarrow… oh my! They were trending in the Top 5 at the C4S POV section for quite some time! I’m not surprised ๐Ÿ™‚

casey3 casey4



It only leaves me to say I shall be celebrating July 3rd like any true Brit… I hear there is some sort of event the following day… but “meh!”, sounds boring and, well… kinda anti British too *gakk!* We get enough of that nonsense over here on our doorstep with the Brussels bureaucrats from the E.U., thank you very much! I’m off to the beach tomorrow, it should be fun and most probably politically correct ๐Ÿ™‚ – Now please, my lovely American friends, don’t take this vid clip below too literally or seriously, ok? I know some of you fail to grasp irony (and that is cute, as I tell Sarah) and she will even understand some of what this chap is about to say… “Yah fuckin’ wankaaa!” hehe


  1. That was about the video at the end. I LOVE fireworks…

  2. Tim Tim

    Cute girl who has big spanks ,hi Sarah and John ,best from ,Tim.

  3. Tim Tim

    Paul will be pleased with no panties under jammies.

  4. Hi Tim… I would imagine Paul will be happy, lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sarah – I got Elizabeth Hurley to apologize about the offensive ad campaign for all you “literals” … in the bridesmaid post, hehe!

  5. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi John and Tim,

    Happy I am over the moon. Explain that to Sarah and other Americans please John.

    Excellent excellent excellent. Cute jammies as ever John.

    regards and best regards, Paul

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