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My Spanking Site Updates

Yikes… been really really busy elsewhere and have been itching to properly sit down and write about what I’ve been seeing and viewing but unable to do so, it’s likely to be that way for a good few days more as I have another filmshoot at the end of the weekend and I really want to sit down and prepare some scripts for that, thanks to some ideas I already have, YOU can get them in too – mail me HERE or leave a comment on this post or the previous one where I asked when we shall be filming new girl Mila Kohl and Aleesha Fox with myself, Paul Kennedy, Dodgy Dave AND Zoe Page – quite a gathering, eh?

Anyhow, the latest film update is out at my main site and is a delightfully cruel and twisted take on a popular board game, Monopoly… which Dodgy Dave used to his own evil ends to use as an excuse to punish Amber and Sophie – who were seriously NOT amused!!! See why below from these preview video screen images! I also have a really nice set of images that will accompany the film but they will be out next week as I just haven’t had time to edit them (do you know it takes LONGER to edit and ensure images look half decent than preparing a video edit and the associated screen images? Well, it does for me!)

Spankopoly – the game of NO CHANCE!

Each month Amber & Sophie return to Uncle Dave’s for one night & a game of (no) chance, a twisted game version that Dodgy Dave loves to call “Spankopoly” where he is always the banker and the girls always lose and pay forfeits with various punishments that he can think up. Why would the girls even contemplate such an act? As you’ll discover both girls are not entirely submissive & are thoroughly fed up to be playing his “game”. The reason they return is because he generously funds them both a lot of their privileged lifestyle and this “game” is a once a month penance they put up with but it also offers them the chance to try & at least win for once & avoid the various humiliations and thrashings… but the odds are always stacked against the girls & they put up with his strange antics. However, tensions mount as Sophie flips the board in total frustration at their ongoing embarrassment being there having their bare bottoms spanked & he orders both girls to stand up & receive a more traditional old fashioned punishment with his leather strap. See how this ends as Dave quashes the rebellion as only he knows how!


Now check out the images taken directly from the film (below)

spankopoly004 spankopoly010

spankopoly025 spankopoly030

spankopoly043 spankopoly048

spankopoly053 spankopoly065

spankopoly071 spankopoly074

spankopoly078 spankopoly081

Check out a special LONG PLAY 50 MB clip that shows the moment Sophie “lost it” and Dave upped the tone of a more traditional spanking punishment, getting fed up that the girls wouldn’t play along with his twisted game anymore… Hilarious and perverse at the same time, I loved it… I hope you do too!


This film will be up on the AAA Clips Store (along with last week’s offering of that Milkmaid thrashing of Dani Hunt) – I just haven’t had time to upload some content yet, I actually only just got a brand new router as the old one was about 6 years old and slowly dying on me… this one is giving me a better upload speed so hopefully I won’t find it such a pain to get the films up from now on!!!

Schoolgirl Amber bends over in the latest offering from POV Spanking


& to showcase that, I have started uploading more content to the new POV spanking site and the latest film stars schoolgirl Amber in a purely POV setting that she found challenging to start with as my hand and direction said nothing… this was hard to direct so we had to be meticulous about what was supposed to happen… it still is in its infancy, but the films get better and better with each new scenario I help direct and make, I liked this one as it had Amber in a very ridiculous short skirt, set for a maximum perving gaze and featured just my hand and some gesticulating so you get to view this as if it was yourself carrying out the spanking – a perfect POV style! Check out the screen grabs from this film, I shall be uploading these and some cool stills images I took as bonus content for members at the main AAA site which will help showcase the POV site there anyway… but here is a taster of the quality of the images you can see taken directly from the film!

schoolreport01 schoolreport02

schoolreport03 schoolreport04

schoolreport05 schoolreport06

schoolreport07 schoolreport08

“Amber is worried and with good reason as she hands you her latest school report… and it’s not good reading. You screw it up into a ball and throw it back at her in disgust then point to the floor signally the start of her spanking punishment for failing her grades – again! She’s still in her uniform, but with her white panties removed and shamefully down around her ankles. The hand isn’t enough so you soon get to use a hairbrush across her schoolgirl bottom to see if that does the trick! This unique film includes good close up POV style action with the hairbrush as well as the hand!”

schoolreport09 schoolreport10

schoolreport12 schoolreport13

schoolreport14 schoolreport15

schoolreport16 schoolreport17

…the beauty of these films is that in the strictest POV style, there is nothing from the spanker… no dialog, in fact, you should not be able to see the spanker as that is supposed to be you in that position, isn’t it? Some nice close ups and some interaction from the punishee adds to the true style POV effect… I hope the images above help show all this!

I will be uploading this full image set and bonus images on top of the usual updates at AAA Spanking soon (it is a treat and a way for members to see our good work carried out elsewhere), but the actual films will only be able to be seen at

SWS_1317 SWS_1324

Check out all the POV style films, close up and intimate spankings as well as new wheelbarrow position clips!



OK, it’s late (2am) and I am up at 6 so I’m shuffling off to bed… “night night!”


  1. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Cheif,

    wonderful to see you another pyjama spanking on your wonderful site. Excellent pjs , wonderful girls but could you tell me why so many pyjama spanking vids/photo shoots seen to have the pyjama pants taken down immidiately? I do so wish that we could see girls getting at least some of the spanking with pyjamas in place.

    I hope you are not offended by this observation and comment has that is not my intention. And anyway at least I can be certain that you will at least get many more girls in many more pairs of jammies in the future.

    regards as always paul

  2. Hi Paul

    Thanks for the feedback, don’t know why that is, I will deliberately linger on the next pair of PJ clad girls and feel the outline of their bums hidden underneath for maximum effect and tell them what I am doing to add to that uncomfortable bedtime spanking scenario ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh, and I have been shopping for yet more PJs today, so so addictive to see the girls in some new jimmy jammies and sexy nightshirts which I can’t wait to show over the next couple of filmshoots!

  4. Paul Down Paul Down

    Now you have just made me jealous.

    And thank you so much for taking my comments in the spirit in which they were made. Such observations get many site owners a little hot under the collar to say the least.

    Just wish it were me feeling and spanking pyjama clad behinds LOL

    regards as ever, Paul

  5. Tim Tim

    Looks nice ,best,Tim.

  6. John Kelly John Kelly

    Congratulations on two magnificent films Cruel to be kind and spankopoly. Truly magnificent for this lover of pyjama clad girls. Amber is especially beautiful in spankopoly. Truly a star is born. keep up the good work.

  7. Thank you John, she’s lovely, isn’t she? ๐Ÿ™‚

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