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Take advantage of a Special Offer

Just to remind you all… I had been mulling over how to reward those that wish to remain a longer term member and then decided to reprise this offer until Xmas… well, this option via CCbill should do the trick, I usually advise you to chose your own currency option, moewso now as the the site is priced in US Dollars – so in the Dollar zone you get exactly what you see and as about 70% plus of my membership are from North America, I can’t argue with that (thank you, by the way). I also have managed to remove the unfair rate fixing that was set by CCBill, however, this will remain only if there is interest from Europe – as I have realized that the difference in my revenue is considerable, so might switch it back on again like many other sites obviously do and I can see why. Well, we in Europe are used to paying more for everything, aren’t we? There is also the news that there are some tedious law changes happening in the UK which only affects new UK customers and UK based websites… you can now no longer use your debit or pre-paid cards issued from the UK as there are laws coming into force which can make sites liable that we are somehow corrupting under 18’s who have managed to find our kinky sites instead of jacking off to gay or straight porn on tubes, freesites and downloading pirated content (as I’m sure kids don’t actually pay for porn as such… but what do the lazy UK authorities know?) So I have decided to comply with their law and am also in the process of moving all my operations out of the UK although I will promote and update a site if I am in the UK, I have no editorial control whilst there). You’ll no doubt hear more of this over the coming weeks…

Anyway, I am digressing – back to this super offer!


Some will see that what I am doing might be folly, but I think this gives YOU, the decent paying customer… flexibility, I had trailed it out last year so those that do chose this option will be taking advantage of a deal FIXED until their cards fail to rebill or when they have had enough and decide to move on, saving a lot of money in the process! I am offering an initial month payment of $32.95 (it sounds a lot but continue reading) you choose this option as if you remain (and you should… otherwise choose the non recurring option of $28.95 or the lower standard recurring monthly subscription) as once the initial 30 days are up, the Reward Membership rebills at the same price… BUT FOR 90 DAYS! Work that out over a year, or for longer or as long as you feel you want to remain (it’s that choice thing again!)… this then starts to work out at an incredible $11 Dollars a month – and you start to see the massive savings you get! Now I’m not sure if I will continue to use this and have the right to pull it at any time as it’s a fairly long time until Xmas but for the next few weeks at least, I shall keep this option open and see how it goes 🙂

My way of giving something back to you guys! Hope you appreciate the offer and please do take advantage of my generosity (again) 🙂

Go to the site and see for yourselves, have a good start to the weekend!

click here to view

Don’t forget you can view the current Wheelbarrow spanking movies separately as a one time download option from the AAA Clips Store (see below) – the films are shown in 3 formats of your choice…

The 3 films (you can download individually) making up this week’s WHEELBARROW FESTIVAL



This was Lily Swan’s very first spanking in this revealing and intimate spanking position. She was intrigued and fascinated to see just how she might feel herself when put into such a position, especially as the cameras were there. What you will see is Lily’s untouched, unblemished white bottom turning red in this revealing position with no hiding place!



18 year old Rosie Ann asked if we could perform this most intimate and revealing spanking act in her school uniform as she had seen many other girls perform this and wanted to see if she could handle the embarrassment factor. We will let you be the judge, all we will say is she is a very naughty girl in need of a darned good spanking!



This stars Sarah Gregory as you have never seen her before in such a close up and very intimate spanking position. It is sexually explicit as Sarah’s bottom and cheeks are pulled apart during her spanking and her obvious excitement can be seen as her pussy is clearly wet and stringing. The camera doesn’t miss a thing in this unique position as you see what the spanker sees and we also get to catch the awkward position that Sarah finds herself in… all exposed and open like that plus she’s getting a red bottom spanking as well.


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