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Hot Weekend Updates

More news updates as I’m quite busy away from the blog, I feel it only fair that you should have something for this weekend to peruse over… hopefully some spanking stuff you might not have seen until now 🙂

From Real Life Spankings – Kitty from Belgium

kitty_ms14 kitty_ms17 kitty_strapping_P1010198 kitty_strapping_P1010202 kitty_strapping_P1010205 kitty_strapping_P1010206 kitty_strapping_P1010207 kitty_strapping_P1010210 red bottom spanking for Kitty kitty_strapping_P1010219 kitty_ms19 

This is what Mike had to say about this latest film: “We thought it was high time for a road trip to Belgium. We decided to visit Kitty because it has been almost a year since she was last on RLS and spanked. We arrived at her new flat and I gave her a long overdue sore bottom including cornertime. We did notice that the flat was quite a mess and that is not very wise if you know that your disciplinarian is coming for a visit. For that she received a sound strapping with a broad belt that I found lying around.”




From Spanked in Uniform – The House Wine (with Vanessa)

ep19_4  ep19_2 ep19_5 ep19_6 ep19_7 ep19_8 ep19_9 ep19_10 ep19_12  ep19_11

During her break, young Vanessa decided to take a small bottle of House Wine and enjoy a quiet drink in the private dining room. Chef soon caught her and she went straight over his knee for a good spanking. He also confiscated her knickers so that the customers would be treated to a very red and sore bottom should she bend over! Most shameful!

Watch this film & the entire Mike’s Diner seriers(1 of 17 current uniform themes) CLICK HERE



From Northern Spanking – Borstal Girls (with new girl Rosie Ann)

NSI128-JC002 NSI128-JC025 NSI128-JC027 NSI128-JC030 NSI128-JC038 NSI128-JC032 NSI128-JC045 NSI128-JC048 NSI128-JC035 NSI128-JC054

The first in a short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates. This one sees a frightened Rosy Ann experiencing her painful introduction to the regime at the hands of the rather glamorous Miss Jessica.

See MORE of new girl Rosie with the strict and beautiful Mistress Jessica HERE



From Spanked Sweeties – a new girl and a fantastic new film with Brianna Brown

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

Brianna Brown is a young hottie who was spanked by her mom and her uncle. She was spanked as she got older and really did say “I’m too old for a spanking.” Briana experienced some genuine feelings and pain during the re-enactments. Miss Cassie makes her debut for this site playing the mom and is a really strict and stern mommy that no daughter would dare cross!

See why HERE as she pulls down her naughty daughter’s panties, spanking her bare teen bottom until it was a shameful red!

This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass network



Finally today… a rather good new domestic discipline film with Angel at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Domestic Discipline in a D/s relationship

0185_domestic_discipline_grabs1-012 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs1-018 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs1-035 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs1-040 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs1-045 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-002 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-010 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-017 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-024 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-031 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-032 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-036 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-039 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-045 0185_domestic_discipline_grabs2-046

“You know why you’re here, don’t you? Don’t ever do this again! You put yourself at risk, others, and you upset me.” John says to his submissive as this video opens. Angel and John are in a D/s relationship. The premise of this video is Angel has misbehaved and she is waiting for her dom to punish her. We as the viewers don’t know exactly what it is that she is being punished for except that she has put herself and others at risk. Her punishment includes, hand spanking, HARD strapping, and a caning. She will not soon forget this difficult lesson.




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    Little Rosie Ann has big spanks from Jessica nice new girl .young Brianna is a cute new spankee ,best,Tim.

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