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Sunday Spanking Catch Up

I hope you all have had a wonderful time with friends, family or, as some of you may even prefer, to be alone at this Festive time of year… I just hope you had a nice time whatever and wherever you are! I have a nice chilled bottle of Champers waiting for me as a reward for writing this post later… I have to admit I have been rather catching up on a lot of TV programs… having Netflix is a little dangerous as it offers me so many more options. For example: I have just DEVOURED the entire series  shown so far of “Orange is the New Black” (2 seasons) and can’t wait for the third… I won’t bother explaining what it’s about except that it’s an exclusive series to Netflix and it follows inmates in a female prison in America. Very addictive viewing and drama fused with some telling humor… you either love or hate the characters and it showcases their past lives as well as their present in jail and how they ended up there! OK… enough of me waffling, let’s just get on with what you may or may not have been missing this past week out there in the wonderful global internet of Spankoland that the UK authorities (bah humbug) don’t want their own citizens to see!

A few catch up spanking films and stories from

Xmas Cracker – with Rosie Ann & Paul Kennedy


Rosie is a promising dance student during the day. Three nights a week she has a work experience placement… in a strip club! The owner has taken a shine to little Rosy and recognised a promising little submissive, if not a wonderfully talented dancer. Here we see part of her education and punishment, resulting in a Christmas routine with cane stripes upon her bottom!

More to come as the conclusion to this is amazing (I helped film it recently!)

Also showing – Pandora’s Good Girl (with Ten Amorette)

pandorasgoodgirl007 pandorasgoodgirl009 pandorasgoodgirl015 pandorasgoodgirl027 pandorasgoodgirl031 pandorasgoodgirl032 pandorasgoodgirl033 pandorasgoodgirl042

Ten has displeased her Mistress. Ordered to strip to her panties, Pandora takes great pleasure in beating her naughty little submissive with a new short but rather effective cane.




A new film with Sarah Gregory at her site as a naughty bratty cheerleader (surprise!) who gets spanked by daddy when he is confronted with revelations of her latest bad behavior in the film “Cheers for a Red Bottom”.

0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-013 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-025 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-062 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-086 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-103 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-116 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-121 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-124 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-145 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-166 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-171 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-179

Naughty Sarah has gotten caught with alcohol on a school cheerleading trip. Her coach calls daddy to let him know. He waits for her to come home steaming. When Sarah walks in she acts as if nothing happened and lies to her daddy. Daddy will not have this bratty lying attitude. He gives this brat the spanking and belting she deserves.

See this latest film plus your chance to access MORE real bratty roles that Miss Gregory does so well at her own amazing site HERE

This site is part of the special 2 Site Pass that works out cheaper using the same codes – see more on this HERE or click on the banner below:


There’s much to catch up with the following sites and I will start with the excellent – currently nominated and being voted on as one of the most improved sites (I would guess from the higher res MP4 movies now being shown, well, they’re still not 1920 x 1080 but a definite improvement) and of course the photography is always awesome as well as a whole load of newer girls like these 2 below… starting with newcomer, Kelsey Wilde… and joint 1st Spanking Newcomer of 2014, Stacy Stockton (who I happen to like a whole lot!!!)

New job, new rules and a sound spanking over the knee for newbie Kelsey Wilde

“OK, I admit I was shocked, this was totally my first spanking,” Kelsey said. Getting a prestige new job as House Sitter at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills carries strange conditions. “Mr Stockton can put me over his knee and spank me whenever he wants!”

sitter_a003 sitter_a005 sitter_a008 sitter_a012 sitter_a017 sitter_a020 sitter_a021 sitter_a024

See a FREE Clip of this stunning newcomer HERE

& then Spanking Newcomer of the Year (Joint 1st) for 2014, Stacy Stockton… can you perhaps wonder why she did so well?


A little trust goes a long way…when it’s broken Stacy is spanked totally nude!

Stepping naked out of the shower, Stacy Stockton is hot, soaking wet and looking guilty as husband Jonny asks about going out with a male work colleague. It’s all about trust in Truly Madly Deeply. She kneels nude to accept her punishment: 110 with a strap!

tmd_c001 tmd_c002 tmd_c009 tmd_c011 tmd_c013 tmd_c024 tmd_c016

See MORE… much more of Stacy’s many spankings with hubby, Jonny exclusively HERE


I am having to cut short this update because I had an issue with my laptop which I have only just resolved about 4 hours after I started writing this post – the pitfalls of writing a blog, I am out of time, annoyingly… so will end with this update from of Cadence Lux who I have long admired and so far only seen spanked at this website!

getting1-14 getting1-22

Miss Veronica introduces herself to the student body, and was in the process of explaining the new disciplinary process when Cadence decided to mouth off. Suddenly, Cadence was taken to the front of the class for a humiliating and hard bare bottom spanking. Cadence is one of the most popular and difficult girls in the school. Spanking this entitled brat in front of her classmates was Miss Veronica’s way of sending a message to all.

getting1-32 getting1-42 getting1-52 getting1-72 getting1-82 getting1-112 getting1-92 getting1-121

See this latest HOT punishment of Cadence exclusive to


I guess I’ll have to update this blog with more reports and news of what has been recently released tomorrow… night y’all!

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