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Partial Eclipse Spankings

I guess I was under no illusion… unless the eclipse is total, the sun’s burning rays will always lighten the sky: to be truly dark, the sun shouldn’t be there. I guess when the maximum period of the eclipse passed us by it was at 86% covered… all that did was make it seem eerie for about 20 minutes either side of the maximum point that the sun was still shining (not as brightly) and fairly high in the sky only for it to seem like it was a very early dull, overcast start to the day. Unluckily for me, stray clouds got in the way to hide the crescent shape of the moon over the sun… so I got bored and took some pics of the local scenery (even though the smog haze persisted and hung over where I was even at this altitude, being blown inland) and the ponies that are wild and native to the local National Park where I had decided to watch this “event”.

Yes, my cameraphone took this great image of the partial “eclipse!” of ol’ moonface


To be fair, it did look & feel gloomy as this panoramic shot shows (click to enlarge below)


However, I preferred taking images of the cute wild ponies who were oblivious to people, eclipses (partial or total) and were only interested in eating grass, grass and more grass! These funksters are famous and indigenous to this nearby National Park!

ponies1 ponies2

Aren’t they so cute? Okay… enough of that… lets get onto the spanking updates I have for you today! Sadly for you guys… I started this blog post way back Friday evening (my time) and it is now the early hours of Saturday morning and I’m really tired as I just got off from Skyping with Sarah. Long distance things are always harder (time difference doesn’t help either) and I miss her so much… it makes me feel sad if I think about it, so I won’t…. but now instead I will get you updates to the sites I am showing in 7 images or less… deal? OK, let’s roll!!

& so we start with & the awesome Joelle Barros who features in 2 updates today! This first film is topped by Veronica Bound (I think this was their first film together) so it’s a bit special – & it’s set in a cool location – The Bathroom!

Phone Flirtation: you are getting a spanking and your boyfriend asked it he could watch.


Joelle was engaged in a phone conversation of a sexual nature with a young man when she was overheard by Veronica. Joelle found herself bent over the tub and spanked with a bath brush. Soon after the bath brush started to find its target on Joelle’s wet bottom, she  started to promise better behavior. The brush fell and , despite Joelle’s best efforts to maintain some of her dignity she was forced to stand up and jump from the pain, only to be put back in place by Veronica. Once her spanking was over, Joelle was required to remain in position and think about her behavior.

bathroom spankings phone2-3 phone2-5 wet bottom spanks phone2-7 bathbrush spanking punishment



In Russia, it would appear their leaders make up stories about events to suit their purposes just as we do here in The West… if the agenda is plausible. Only they don’t really care who knows if it’s bullshit or not. The same can be said for the following as young lady as Jana discovers when she is given one of her most humiliating punishments at the college when it is discovered this naughty young thing likes to play with vibrating sex toys in class and likes to be kinky too… even 50 Shades of Gray or Shite or whatever you want to call it – has crossed over to infect impressionable young girls there too! Let’s see if she likes this controlling discipline session from with restraints, spankings and forced masturbation… Looks HOT to me! I approve 🙂

Jana waits for her punishment to begin jana002 humiliation naked OTK spanked in the nude masturbation and spanking jana007



In Holland, it is legal to smoke Pot… or weed, in the “Coffee Houses” but at work? Well, even the Dutch know this isn’t very productive and Boss Mike is FAR from impressed with this new madam, Nikita, when he catches her with a rather large stash of the drug! Time for some stern scolding and spankings HERE 

red bottom spankings

The Director found out that one of the students Nikita was sharing weed with the other students. He summoned her to his office and in her handbag, he found a bag of weed. Instead of expelling her, he decided on using corporal punishment instead and she got a sound hand spanking. Then she had to write punishment lines whilst sitting on the punishment stool. She is then told to repost back the next day for a severe second punishment. The wait and anticipation will do her good!

ep14_4 otk in panties ep14_11 sore bruised bottom episode14_P1010257 hard spanking

Click here to see this full film from



At – this latest episode sees Riley wonder how she can motivate Sadie… I think you can guess the method she is going to employ!!! I hope it’s spankings and lots of naughty humiliating and intimate spankings…. YES! I was right!

spanked OTK

Riley motivates Sadie

Riley was looking for a chance for some revenge on Sadie. When she catches Sadie slacking off instead of doing her homework, she puts her over her knee for a sound spanking. She even makes Sadie read DURING the spanking, until Sadie is humiliated and in pain. When it’s finally over, Sadie is left to study with her red bottom, rubbing it while she continues to read her schoolbook.

panties spanking 006 bare bottom smacking 011 red ass 016

See how this works out – along with all the other very sexy girl girl discipline films

This site is part of the BEST value Clare Fonda Pass network



Peter & Heidi at have the pleasure of placing beautiful Caprice over one of their many and varied restraint benches… this time bent over, panties off, for a bare bottom caning by Peter. She really is stunning and receives a good hard caning that leaves lasting tell tale tram line marks afterwards…

Caprice spanked at SpankingServer caprice002 caprice003 caprice004 caprice005 caning caprice007

Click here to view more of all the exclusive films with beautiful Caprice


Finally today, as promised, the 2nd film with Joelle Barros… it’s a unique opportunity to see her in another Clip Store film ahead of the main website at – Joelle is given a spanking OTK and with the hairbrush that she hates so much. This is a no nonsesne, fun but very firm spanking and hairbrush punishment film with no intro dialogue from her spanker or stroryline… I liked this because it was spontaneous and you felt a connection with her and the camera lady who is asked to help bring over a hairbrush (a scene I liked) – which kind of engaged with us that this was a film solely for our benefit and it was all about Joelle getting spanked: period!

time for her punishment

Here is a quirky but ultimately hard hitting spanking in a no nonsense OTK film of gorgeous Joelle Barros. She is already over the lap of her spanker, no reason is given other than we get to see her spanked over his lap in close detail and even the camera lady is asked to provide a hairbrush for the spanker to use which engages us in the viewing experience. No monotonous ramblings from Joelle’s Top at the start about why she is there or that she is a naughty girl, it’s just a spanking & just because!!! Joelle is teased with the hairbrush as she anticipates the hard swats to come but she also enjoys the coolness of the wood as the bristle free side gently glides over her warmed up cheeks – Note: Joelle HATES the wooden hairbrush so this was almost torture for her at times unable to properly guess what was coming – This Fun but Short Sharp Shock Spanking Film is available exclusively at the AAA Clips Store only!

Click HERE to view the free preview

joelle002 Joelle Barros OTK Spanking joelle004 joelle005 joelle006 hairbrush spanking

AAA Spanking Clip Store


Here is a Whack- a- cat image for no reason! Goodnight! 🙂


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