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Another Fantastic Wheelbarrow Spanking

Members at AAA Spanking have a treat when they next log in as the full 12 minute HD video of Chessie Kay’s 1st ever wheelbarrow spanking experience is now available along with a HQ Stills gallery and the HD video screen shot gallery too. Quite an impressive mid week update, one of 3 a week at the site… this video is also available as a one time download option in 3 formats of the same HD quality HERE

You may remember Chessie previously perved on by fellow Girl guide Zoe Page
Click image below to access the free video image gallery of this naughty film

Chessie Kay is spanked and punished by Zoe Page



Chessie is a very busy girl and I’m happy to say that she likes the spanking work that she does (she is naturally submissive in real life though you’d never guess from her increasing credits in the porn world). It’s very different to her porn acting and such… before I show you a fun example of her work… there’s a cool interview of her I found, she is exactly like this in real life… full of the joys of life right now – SEE THE INTERVIEW HERE – Okay, take this example which I found on Youtube which made me giggle… I might just have to see how this ends up as she is “The Sperminator” (uh oh… I see where this is heading) sent back from the future (hmmm, lol!)

Youtube preview of “The Sperminator”

Chessie has appeared at a growing number of established European Porn houses, as well as her regular spots on various TV/Internet Shows in the UK… she has also dabbled in spanking several times which I’d like to think was all my fault as I got her into appearing as a spanking model in the 1st place away from her more established roles as a hot up and cumming porn star and so here she is in the latest sexy spanking video from doing something she never would have dreamed of a year ago and making one of the hottest, intimate spanking films in the process! It was also a first for Michael Stamp who had never tried this before… I am wondering if he now does this with his wife, Zoe page at home nowadays? (LOL)

Michael & Chessie make their 1st Wheelbarrow Spanking Film together

Wheelbarrow Spanking

I got Chessie to dress up as a hot cheerleader (well, why not?) There is no story to this, the 12 minute video opens with Chessie already in the position and waiting to take her spanking. Michael has a few implements perfect for this position… and this isn’t a light spanking at all, she takes quite a punishing session with the small leather paddle and bathbrush, the perfect implement of choice for the most stinging effects which you really don’t have to do much with in this position. Anyone who argues differently hasn’t tried it and received the bathbrush when your butt cheeks are more taut and exposed as well as the inner part of the tenderest cheeks (or sweet/sit spots) which are not easily accessible, can be agony if smacked too hard which takes little effort from the brush! Trust me, this was a HOT spanking, there were 3 cam angles to catch it all so nothing was missed from Chessie’s facial expressions to the reddening of her cheeks and her vulnerability, all fully exposed and caught on camera.

Chessie Kay

Check out the images below taken from the film – followed by the official explanation of this latest update for your understanding.

assuming the wheelbarrow position ass on display spankings spanking butt cheeks leather paddle OTK cheerleader spanking revealing spank position spanked OTK wheelbarrow spanking of Chessie hand spankings shamed and embarrassed

Chessie appeared in this revealing & intimate position as she took her first ever “Wheelbarrow Spanking”. This is your chance to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films to date with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 12 minute ordeal in this awkward position with some great close up facial reactions. You will not miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouble! Chessie grabbed hold of her Teddy Bear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – She got a harder than expected hand spanking and also received a leather paddling and some very stinging strokes of the dreaded Bathbrush (which was ideal and perfect for accuracy in this position!) Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular wheelbarrow films to date – out now in full HD!

See Chessie get spanked in the wheelbarrow position

and I have a special long play feature from SpankingTube as well, which was uploaded, so you can view this in more detail (I apologize in advance for Mobile device users as Flash is used so may not show on them).

You can also view a short HD1080 WMV clip of this spanking from the tour pages HERE

Well done, Chessie… she made it – Welcome to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club!

Chessie makes it through her 1st wheelbarrow spanking

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