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Wheelbarrow Spanking for an Angel

Sarah was going through some of the edited and archived data on the AAA external drives she owns and she came across this naughty little wheelbarrow spanking. She asked me if this was up on the site, I couldn’t remember so I checked the casting page of the site in the members area (always a useful function for old fools like myself) and saw that it hadn’t gone out!
“I’m putting it up!” She said… “It’s hot!”
She was right, naturally, and of course I do remember it well… in fact Sarah was on “Ass Cam” that day – so all the memories came flooding back! Phew… that was a hot spanking video… We both love Angel Lee to bits, and I remember this being filmed at last year’s Crimson Moon Party near Chicago (I wouldn’t forget that… not after I had a near fatal asthma attack!). We are both planning on meeting Angel next year to set up some quality film shoot time for Sarah’s site network… well, I hope so, at least. Plans never seem to go as you want them to in this business! Anyway, I have droned on long enough. This is a good HD film that shows both Angel’s facial reactions and side impact shits of her glorious butt… and of course a great rear cam angle, almost POV in style – getting up rather too close and personal (I blame Sarah for that, lol). Either way, it’s a fantastic addition to the growing section of Wheelbarrow Position films so please welcome Angel as the newest member of the “Triple A Wheelbarrow club!”

Angel Lee - her first wheelbarrow spanking
“Oh my! What have I let myself in for?” Angel pondered…


Angel's Wheelbarrow Spanking - side view

This is the official description from the site: Angel Lee had never been spanked in such a submissive and embarrassing position before. She had heard about it and asked if we could film this with her. She wanted to see if she had what it took to join the infamous “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – Angel’s exposed cheeks and private parts were bared and spanked as she was reminded just how awkward she must have been feeling to have her bottom presented like that in such a revealing position! See for yourself what a fantastic sport Angel was in experiencing her first ever wheelbarrow spanking position where you get to see her bottom up close and personal showing all her facial reactions captured during the video!

Angel assumes the wheelbarrow position spanking intimate spanking rear view of wheelbarrow spanking ass grabbing spanking handprint hand spanking OTK intimate spanking

Above images were the video screen grabs… this video also had some complimentary stills images taken from this film session too, which you can see below… members get to download the full size images.

Angel Lee spanked bubble butt spanking Angel's pretty face painful spanks warm red spanked bottom spankings hot spanked ass and handprint




This video can also be downloaded as a ONE TIME option from the Clip Store (see below)


This clip and all the other AAA Wheelbarrow Videos etc can be found HERE

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  1. Well done Sarah in putting this on your site of cute young Angel ,best to you both from Tim .

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