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Spanking Your Daughter Isn’t Easy

An amazing new long play film is now available to download at starring Mandie Rae alongside Sarah Gregory & Dana Specht. It’s a generational theme as Mandie is playing Sarah’s daughter and Dana will be the spanking grandmother… but don’t let that stop us also seeing Dana getting a chance as “Momma” to spank some sense into Sarah too! This has lots of spankings, scoldings and twists including a face slapping scene of Mandie by Momma Dana too! Poor Mandie is reduced to tears by the end of this long ordeal as you’ll find out… today’s update is focused on featuring this new epic.

You must spank your daughter

momma-170-006 momma-170-020 momma-170-032 momma-170-044 momma-170-046 momma-170-060 OTK spanking by Momma momma-170-069 momma-170-081 more Sarah Gregory spanking momma-170-099 momma-170-106 momma-170-121 momma-170-127 momma-170-133 OTK spanking momma-170-145 momma-170-150 close up bare bottom spanking momma-170-160 momma-170-170 momma-170-173 momma-170-181 momma-170-193 spanking momma-170-199 momma-170-208

Young mother Sarah is at her wits end trying to control her errant daughter Mandie and calls Momma Dana for advice. Momma arrives and Sarah fills her in on Mandie’s bad behavior. Momma advises Sarah that she must spank her daughter in order to change her bad attitude and earn the respect she deserves. Sarah is hesitant but Momma insists, and calls Mandie downstairs for a talk that soon ends with Mandie over her knee with her panties down and her bare bottom getting spanked just like she did with Sarah. Mandie is sent to her room crying her eyes out then Momma turns the tables on Sarah and orders her over her knee for a well deserved spanking for not being the strict mother she should be. After this they both spank Mandie (otk again) and strap her to tears.


Momma Spankings

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  1. Rick Rick

    We should go back to spanking children in my opinion. English children used to be very well behaved in past decades, but now they’re cheeky little monkeys! I’d start spanking at age 2, and continue right up to age 18!

  2. WOW WOW thats controversial.

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