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Schoolgirl Spanking & Punishment

Here is a special “Friday Feature” to kick start your weekend…

The Locker Room Strapping for Raquel & Syrena at the Real Spankings Institute

ready for a spanking

The girls are pulled out of gym class for not wearing bras, and are sent to the locker room to wait for the Dean. He bares their breasts and whips their exposed bottoms with the leather tawse.

12923_014 strapped in her yoga pants 12923_040 12923_056 12923_059 12923_062 spanking Raquel strapping strapping a schoolgirl 12923_131 12923_133 12923_136gym class girls stripped and spanked

The Dean decides to really bring the lesson home and bares their bottoms for further punishment. He does not stop until the tears are flowing…

12924_033 12924_040 spanked and strapped schoolgirls 12924_066 red sore bum

Syrena is then given special attention when told to wait for further punishment…

Syrena is asked to remove her bra and top

Syrena is left in corner time with her breasts exposed to wait for the dean. He stuffs a new bra in her mouth and then blisters her bottom with the heavy prison strap over her yoga pants.

13058_008 panties shoved in mouth 13058_015 strapping spankings 13058_033 13058_042 13058_047 13058_056 13058_059 13058_068 13058_073

Click here to see the full length movies of these girls getting a humiliating and very real spanking punishment from Dean Michael Masterson.

Syrena naked and tearful at RSI

Real Spankings Institute

It’s part of the 8 site Real Spankings Pass combining the best of the RS Network for less

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