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Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford

Amelia Jane Rutherford … or if you are a follower of her other great passion and core kink (bondage) you’ll know her as Ariel Anderssen – either way, this amazing young woman is one of my favorite kinksters. I could think with virtually any other model, the amount of work she has done in spanking (alone) some people would be fed up with her. But they are not… Amelia brings something to every producer when she films with them. I LOVE meeting up with her… I admit that filming new content with her now is more of a challenge, I would think… but it is something she welcomes, as did I the last time we worked together in 2013 (there are still films for AAA and Sarah Gregory to come!) I mean it in the best possible way as I would want to try different storylines with her if that was possible (and it is!) – like the whacky PJs film where she got cold showered in them and spanked wet and miserable (I loved that film) or the one I will show later, which I really liked helping to make a few years ago.

Anyway… back to the now. Amelia is starring in a new film just released today at and it is alongside Sarah Stern – with a leather paddle…. this won’t end well for her, will it? It is also rather good! It covers also covers a clichéd subject like “watching porn” but Amelia is rather excellent at making it fun and interesting plus of course, we get to see her fab rear getting a good whacking from Sarah!

So here it is – Amelia is caught “Watching Porn at Work”


Amelia Jane Rutherford has been caught out by her employer watching porn at work on her computer. Not only that she has been paying for it with h er company credit card. A home visit is called for and it is decided that as Amelia is into watching porn, spanking porn, she should be punished in a similar fashion. A leather paddle is produced and Amelia starts to experience a real hard thrashing on the bare bottom.

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Check out this film along with many other that Amelia has helped make HERE


With that, I thought I’d briefly touch upon the subject of Amelia being caught watching porn or being caught making it (for fun, of course). The next 2 films are very different but I liked the similar themes, both these are from a while back and both sites featured have LOTS of exclusive Amelia content unique to their styles 🙂

From – Amelia risks everything when her Agent finds out she had been making “spanking” films – this was an early video from the popular series “Rogue Model” where her agent attempts to bring her back into line… with… yup, spanking! 🙂


Contoured bare bottom stuck in the air, Amelia Rutherford’s protests have no effect on her agent, Christian Fennington. 62 solid whacks across her bouncing cheeks make her think twice before she risks her career by making spanking videos: outrageous!

rogue_a001 rogue_a004 rogue_a006 rogue_a007 rogue_a009 rogue_a016 rogue_a020 rogue_a021 rogue_a024

Check out the rest of this Rogue Model series (it was rather good) – Click HERE


Finally, from – I just have image grabs as it is late and I can’t find the other images, but as it was “on theme” I thought you’d like it… this time, boss Molly Malone catches Amelia checking out spanking porn on her PC when she should be working instead. (oops… that’s a nasty habit!) This was filmed way back in 2012 as I recall!

This was simply called NSFW – Not Safe For Work

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Amelia Jane Rutherford worked part time helping out with the accounts of Miss Molly Malone’s successful lingerie operation but instead of reconciling the latest invoices and reports she had been surfing the internet for some very unsafe for work content! In fact she got caught viewing spanking erotica and industry updates via the website and Molly was far from impressed at the way Amelia had spent her time. If it was a spanking she wanted, then a spanking was what she would get as Molly knew a few things about old fashioned discipline (much to Amelia’s shock) as she was about to find out! See these 2 tall, sexy British spanking stars go head to head in this fun and naughty office discipline movie as Amelia received an OTK spanking then the leather strap when she was bent over the chair, with her knickers pulled down, bare bottom high in the air creating a fantastic rear and side view of her lingering painful punishment with those oh so long stocking clad legs making it impossible for us to gaze anywhere but on all the spanking action!


Check out this and plenty more films starring Amelia at

Watch out for this film showing up on Spanking Library later today!
(for those that prefer one time downloads)



Oh… and the countdown continues… the AWESOME NEW FILM at is less than 72 hours (at time of writing) from being shown… it will surely be a classic! Rocky here … and his green pepper buddy, agree, they can’t wait either! Aaaaaargh!




  1. Jadelyn Mathias Jadelyn Mathias

    Hiya Chief 🙂 I have a lot of favorite spanking models.Amelia Jane Rutherford is one of them.She sure can take a severe spanking 🙂 She is tough especially getting spanked by Sarah Stern OUCH lol. I wouldn’t mind getting spanked by Sarah 🙂 She spanks hard but I deserve it 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. Amelia is a very cute girl who I first saw in Janus magazine with a free dvd disc .and many more since best from Tim hello Jadelyn best spanks Tim .

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