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Sassy Xmas Spankings

xmas_bells_holly_ribbon_pngWell, Christmas is almost here and this will be the first of a couple of Festive spankings posts for you to enjoy! This first update today is the very latest film that Sarah Gregory “insisted” go up at AAA Spanking – and since she’s the boss and owner… that’s what happens, he he! What we did was make a fun, tongue in cheek video for Christmas viewing. Now you will know that I really am not the jolly holiday type of guy, usually. She was wearing a pair of tight cute Grinch leggings and a fun shirt… which I gotta say was incredibly hawt… and I enjoyed spanking her butt over them as you’ll see! I should’ve worn that (well, not those leggings!) seeing as I was more of a Grinch (the original title was going to be called the Grouch & the Grinch) but in the end “Sassy Christmas Spankings” prevailed. All in all, this was one film I just loved watching, I know I’m biased… as Sarah was over my knee and the spanking was actually far harder than it appeared. I have been told by many ladies that I have a very stinging hand so it doesn’t require that much effort… however, I did play around with Sarah and we fooled about with tempo and intensity (just see her face scruch up!) and made fun of ourselves… well, anything to keep Sarah happy, right?

Sassy Xmas Spankings

Sassy Sarah also discovers that the Santa sweater has a musical button – greeeaaaat!

I also didn’t mind that much since I got to spank her again. I also tried to keep my mouth shut, which made a nice change, only speaking when needed. I think I will be doing MORE of that (well, I already have, LOL). So Merry Xmas from AAA… to all the members who have supported the site over the past year, thank you… and I have news of what is coming NEXT week…. which is a complete contrast to this more fun loving spanking session which contrasts nicely as it is far more severe. But for now, relax, drink eat and take it easy over the Festive Period… we had fun making this at least. I hope you like the images (Sarah DOES look incredibly cute in this 14 minute video) and there is also a link at the end to where you can view a speical 3 minute compilation preview clip too! – the far more intimate stuff we did (which you’ll see in some images) will be for the members to view only, naturally…. but you’ll get the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarah Gregory - bare bottom red and spanked

Sassy ’til the end… sarah is incredibly cute in this Festive spanking video!

“Sassy Christmas Spankings” starring sarah Gregory – out at

Sassy Sarah Gregory spanked at Xmastime

grinchThis is the official description found on the site: Sarah wanted to do a nice Christmas spanking video for AAA and since she now owned the site she dressed John up in a Santa sweater whether he liked it or not. She wore cute tight Grinch themed leggings & a tee shirt then more or less told John what was was happening. He wasn’t a fan of this holiday season and felt a little annoyed that he had to do this so he decided to enjoy the fact that Sarah was across his lap… asking him to spank her. How could anyone resist that offer? This 14 minute HD video features lots of banter and is an intimate portrayal of their real life relationship. It is a very watchable film as John actually shuts up and spanks his lady the way she wants it. See the fun and some spankings only he could get away with on Sarah as she attempts to bring a little pervy Christmas cheer to all those who support their work at Triple A Spanking. Merry Christmas & a very Happy Spanky New Year to you all!

Sarah gets spanked again pulling down her leggings for a spanking bare bottom spanking hand spanking sarah Gregory ass grabbing taking off her sexy leggings spanking her feet spread and spanked spankings OTK hand spanking otk spankings Sarah Gregory at AAA spanking close up ass spanking sarah shows off her spanked butt spanked for Xmas holding her sexy ass


Sarah bares her bubble butt up close and personal

Available to download in full from the AAA Members Site or via the Clips Store HERE


In contrast to this, next week sees the debut for Zooey Zara in a long severe audition test, filmed at this summer’s Fetishcon… Zooey shows just how much she can take with a fair few leather strappings, hand punishments, wooden implements and of course a DOUBLE caning including her thighs – thsi is something to end the year on with a HIGH! (see below)

Zooey Zara - marked on her AAA Spanking audition

Stunning Zooey Zara makes her debut next week at


Also PLEASE be aware if there is anyone who has NOT voted for the following category, it closes later today. So get in quick before it gets closed as the next post will be the Winner & Results Announcement for:



  1. Hello John and Sarah heres to a lovely Merry Christmas to both you chums of mine with your great spanky sites ,best from Tim .

  2. Merry Xmas to you and yours, Tim.

  3. Rick Rick

    Sarah Gregory probably has one of the best bottoms in the “industry”..Merry Christmas to you both, -Rick

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