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Winter Weekend Spanking Updates

As usual, a quick round up of some spanking updates that caught my eye. I’m sure you will appreciate these this weekend so without further ado, and in no particular order of preference, enjoy what I have for you! These are pretty hot spankings this week!

From English-Spankers.comBonnie May makes a welcome return!

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Bonnie May is still determined that she wants to work in this “house of easy virtue” and is sure that she can handle all that might come her way. She is told that lots of men like to see the girl dressed as a high powered secretary and then to be able to take them over the knees and give them a thrashing with say, a slipper. She finds this a bit strange but says she can do it so she has to prove this. She takes a damn good slippering on her tights and on her bare bottom.



From pantyhose to stockings next and since Adriana Evans (spankee of the year, of course) is fresh in my mind from some AWESOME footage I helped shoot yesterday at Sarah’s place… this new release from hits the spot. I am well aware of Paul’s nursing uniform fetish (I highly approve) and seeing Alex top Adriana in this was hugely enjoyable!

Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse

When nurse Adriana finishes her shift and returns to the hotel, all she wants is a little relaxation and stress relief. Her hand having found its way to her panties, stress relief commences! Adriana unfortunately relaxes rather noisily and this disturbs her neighbor, Alex, who has her own ideas about relaxation being done quietly. She proceeds to lift Adriana’s legs and smack her bottom, to reinforce the message. It does not seem that Adriana is learning much however as the spanking is clearly making her even more aroused. Perhaps the hairbrush to her bottom will have more effect? It does not look like Alex will be returning to her own room any time soon.



More spanking shenanigans are continuing with some nice girl on girl OTK action from as Sadie and Riley battle it out!

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Sadie Holmes and Riley are in the nun’s office because Riley is going to tell about the last spanking Sadie gave to Riley. Sadie gets an offer – take a spanking right there in the office from Riley and she won’t tell. Sadie reluctantly gets over the tall girl’s lap and takes a painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle Riley finds in the nun’s office.



My eyes nearly popped out of their stalks after watching this new spankee punishment at with newcomer, Goldie Rush! Oh my!

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Goldie Rush is a super hottie with a perky butt who was spanked by her stepdad and older sister while growing up. there’s a nice interview by Gigi Allens (who also plays her sister) which is what you see here… I also forgot how hot Gigi Allens was… oh my! This film reveals just how much Goldie is still a little bit kinky these days.


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Finally today…
Stacy Stockton bends over for a blistering 12-swat school paddling at

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The Principal’s Office has a reputation as a classic school paddling series and Stacy Stockton delivers a butt-reddening performance in her series finale with Jonny Stockton. 12 stinging whacks with the wooden paddle set troublesome Stacy straight on what is acceptable behavior. Watch for Kylee Anders out-takes too as she’s watching!



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  1. Rick Rick

    Something about that Sarah Stern….she wouldn’t be so stern though, when I was finished with her! LOL!

  2. I know Sarah… and trust me, you wouldn’t say that to her face 😉

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