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Server Changes at the SG Sites

If you read Sarah’s blog HERE it explains what is happening right now with a much needed and unavoidable hosted server change at all her sites. the sites that are affected (to start with) are the following:

  • Sarah Gregory Spanking
  • Momma Spankings
  • Sarah Gregory Pass

Some of you have written into support already. As of right now, I am happy to confirm that those who are members of Sarah Gregory Spanking should be able to get in. Those who have a Pass or new sign ups for Momma Spankings may have to wait a few hours more as the propogation to the new servers becomes permanent as the sites are all hosted at new IP addresses. Either way, her hosting account provider… as well as her account manager at CCbill are working on ensuring the password scripts and security logins are working (as some are not).

She asks that her members understand this is just a temporary blip and that those affected let her know via the support email address so she can check with CCbill or the hosting company if needed. They are the sort of niggly behind the scenes things that affect membership sites from time to time.

Hopefully when all this is over she can better explain why this change was needed. It is hoped within a month (or maybe less) that AAAspanking will also move over, however these accounts had to be moved first and any future changes will only take place once we are sure that there are no other issues on the sites shown above!


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