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Server Changes at AAA Spanking

Well, as Sarah had her upgrades, so it is time for AAA Spanking to get their next server upgrade.


spanking site server upgrades

spanking brain upgradesHowever, all the sites will once again be moving to a new network that is far more reliable and can to be accessed from one specific server. Using one joint account/company makes things far easier for us both. So if you experience a bit of downtime, contact me at my gmail address (as that is not on their servers) and I can advise where possible. At AAA the streaming options on older films can’t continue until the new drives are available so the change must happen and happen immediately!

Of course upgrades and costs of running sites using loads of Tb’s of streaming data costs money. We have held prices down and they are wickedly cheap for the amount of data stored on the sites. We will see how the new servers go and there are more site design revamps in store. The same goes for Sarah’s other sites too. This time AAA is the guinea pig as we upgrade their hosting servers first to fulfill our and your exacting requirements. Have a great weekend!


I will let you know when the upgrades for AAA are complete.

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