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Naked Spanking & Cheerleader Drama

It’s that time of the week again to showcase a couple more new film updates from the SG Group of sites.First up will be a long overdue spanking film from the glorious Amelia Jane Rutherford – spanked naked outside for followed by the latest all girl film at featuring Zooey Zara humiliating and spanking Harley Havik in her custom made beautiful baby blue cheer girl uniform that she had ordered herself (they match her eyes and this is her favorite color! – she also happens to look pretty hot in her uniform as you will see!)


Amelia gets spanked for sunbathing naked

amelia_sunbathing_009 amelia_sunbathing_012

So let’s not waste any more time – there’s lots of images and GIFs including many screen grabs and stills photos that accompany the film plus links of where you can view and download this (and the cheerleader film).

amelia_sunbathing001 amelia_sunbathing019 amelia_sunbathing025 amelia_sunbathing031 spanking otk spanking am1 amelia_sunbathing053 amelia_sunbathing060 amelia_sunbathing064 amelia_sunbathing072 blistered and spanked leather strap spanking amelia_sunbathing080 am3 strapping amelia_sunbathing_027 amelia_sunbathing100 amelia_sunbathing103 amelia_sunbathing112 amelia_sunbathing115 am2 amelia_sunbathing120 amelia_sunbathing127 amelia_sunbathing130 amelia_sunbathing141

Amelia was an up and coming tennis player who was sponsored by her wealthy uncle. This was an expensive program and he was ambitious and wanting her to succeed! She stayed at his estate during the Spring Holiday Break for instensive training practice at a prestigious coaching school nearby. Amelia was fed up working so hard and Springtime felt good with the harsh winter months gone and the afternoon’s sunshine feeling too inviting for her to bother with practice that day. The sun’s warming rays felt so good that she stripped naked and enjoyed laying there, relaxed and feeling a little naughty! However, she was unaware that her Uncle John had arrived home early to find her sprawled out on the grass, naked! She had no excuses to offer, he was disappointed and reminded her what happened to her in the past. It had been a long time coming but he was going to spank her right there. She was embarrassed and humiliated but knew she was wrong and had let him and her family down… worse was to come when he went back inside the house to fetch some old fashioned straps used a long long time ago for old fashioned punishments. She soon remembered how painful these were and was told to get her sorry, sore ass back to tennis practice after her naked ordeal outside!

spanking amelia_sunbathing_030


loyalty at AAA Spanking offer

You can view this film as a full length HD Clip HERE or at the Spanking Library

amelia spanked for sunbathing



Don’t forget that you can meet Amelia in person at the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY

It’s not long now, all online registration and hotel bookings must be made by May 15th… after that it’s pay on the door and you will have to contact the hotel directly if you wish to stay… (hotel name and location is on the website) this party looks like being so popular in advance that ALL the suites in the hotel are sold out…  ALL double bed rooms are sold out… we have multiple floors filled for party guests but only King bedrooms remain (but at the party discount rate it’s a bargain! Also all prices for entry AT THE DOOR will be $40 more across the board. Full details are on the website HERE

lonestar spanking party


Oh… and I hadn’t forgotten about the Cheerleading Update – CLICK HERE or any of the images below to find it located at my other blog with links and GIFs for your enhanced viewing experience with behind the scenes info too! 🙂

cheerleader spankings CLS-62-026 CLS-62-008

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  1. Tim Tim

    John a great post with lovely Amelia well spanked for naked sunbathing on your lawn and very cute girls young Harley with young Zoey 2 delightful new spankees who I hope we will see a lot more of ,best , Tim .

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