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This was the idea behind Spanked Sweeties: (below)

Spanking was part of life for so many girls and we ask them to tell us about it in our intimate spanking interviews. How did it feel to be in trouble again, getting a bare bottom spanking. Our beautiful models tell their spanking stories to Clare Fonda and then we act out a domestic spanking scene. The panties come down, the bottoms get red, and tears are cried. We also work with models who have never been spanked and are curious about what corporal punishment feels like. Spanked Sweeties has brought us many of the newest spanking models and contains 2,000 video clips so you can see them with an in depth interview followed by an old fashioned spanking.

Spanked SweetiesThere’s a new girl now showing at Spanked Sweeties – her name is Yasmin deLeon and she is a super sexy young lady with a beautiful full curvy bottom. This is a very spankable bottom as you’ll see from the first interview and spanking film just released. She tells how she was often spanked by her mother growing up. In their tradition, the first movie starts with her introduction and then the first re-enactment of her experiences and one that you will see here with Lana Miller (as Mom) and cute Chanell Heart (playing her friend who was at her house during one such spanking featured here!)

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This site is massive in its own right but is also part of the Clare Fonda Pass network giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost with the same set of codes!



Cheerleader Spankings is a relatively new website and as the title suggests, concentrates on young ladies in awesome authentic cheer outfits, there will be variations on this theme coming soon such as “Volleyball girls” and “Volleyball girls versus Cheer Girls” and so on… This is one of my core kinks (along with Sarah Gregory’s) so we naturally came up with this site over time. It has proved very popular and I am really happy for my talented girl that she is able to shoot more content and we both LOVE doing this… we have been busy shooting custom work recently, both strictly private and also some which you will be able to see over time including some amazing cheer uniform style stories. Due to the increasing workload of custom content, we hadn’t even set up a dedicated page where new potential customers could contact sarah for commissions. In the meantime if you want any custom work, contact her at the email address HERE – I am currently making a page for her that will go up on all her sites coming out later this week which will better explain things! πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I so loved this film(below) that I decided to feature it again with NEW unseen images and a link to where you can view a free spanking clip!

Lesbian Cheerleaders – starring Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae & Dominic King


Adriana’s boyfriend, Dom, returned early to find her in bed, dressed in her cheer uniform making out with a rival cheerleader in a seriously steamy lesbian session. These girls had no excuse and he decided to show Mandie, the new girl, just what happened in his home! Naughty lying brats got a bare bottom hand spanking! Mandie was shocked and Adriana embarrassed that her friend was suffering what happened to her when she misbehaved behind closed doors! He saved a harder spanking for Adriana before having both girls bent over the bed to receive many stinging licks of his thick leather strap.

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There is a new cheer film just released which I will post about next and it is a cracker… I won’t say anything, you can go check it out, but I promised this all girl spanking film is amazing and rather feisty!!!



I had someone ask me the other day if there were any more Leandra films coming soon and I can tell you that there are still at least 2 more (from memory) but I will ask Sarah to look at this and get them out. I know one needs to be re-done so will have to give this to the editor… but in the meantime, this was the one film that had everyone hooked on Leandra like never before at AAA Spanking – Oshe will have tohI think it was the upskirt images or perhaps the fact she really was doing her lines in detention… or that fantastic ending where she was barely able to sit down, and it showed… as the images below will testify!

Leandra’s Knickers Down Detention – at

007 (1)

You will NOT want to miss some special upskirt, panties down angles, and the lingering, uncomfortable close up red bottom shots which you have to see for yourselves as well as the amazing punishment of one of the sexiest girls we have ever had the pleasure of filming! Leandra is in a unique and difficult detention, writing out lines 100 times sat down with her knickers pulled down around her ankles in a further humiliating twist… all this for the lack of respect for daring to wear silly sunglasses in Mr Osborne’s lesson… but she can’t even get that right and is caught trying to pull up her white panties by the sadistic and cruel teacher. He then spanks, straps and uses the hairbrush across this beautiful schoolgirl’s bottom before inspecting very carefully his handiwork before telling her to sit back down and finish her lines without her knickers at all!

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