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When Sister Spanks Hard!

Sarah wanted to make a film for AAA Spanking which involved one of her favorite domestic spanking fantasies,  sibling rivalry. She thought this site could do with more of her influence in this area and I quite agree. It’s also a rather hot film as it features a spanking new debut with the awesome Jordana Leigh. She was filming a custom shoot not so long ago with Sarah and then spent a few days hanging out at hers as they are old friends. It was great to finally meet her since she appeared at Sarah’s other sites years ago… I can also tell you that there are some amazing cheergirl films coming up with Jordana… but that is for another blog post and another day!

So those that love girls spanking each other, in PJ’s and a domestic setting… stand by as this will be “right up your street”.

Sister Spanks Hard – new film featuring Sarah Gregory & Jordana Leigh

sister spanks hard

Scene from the film “Sister Spanks Hard”.

Below are some GIFs I made for this blog from the film plus a few screen grab images with some excellent stills photos (reduced in size, for promotional purposes… members get the full size images, of course). All this accompanies the movie, and it’s all available for members to download now.

sisters_001 sisters_009 sisters_017 sisters_024 sisters_041 sis1 sisters_045 sisters_062 otk spanking sisters_066 sisters_073 spanking her sister bare bottom spanking sisters_095 sisters008 sisters_099 sisters_112 spanking sisters013 sisters008 sisters_113 spanked naked

Sarah & her sister Jordana had secretly gone out and got a little drunk before an important exam at school. Of course this was unacceptable behavior but sneaky Jordana had pretended to be really sick the following day and Sarah had to take her exam and failed. Sarah knew Jordana was faking and so this is where this film starts with Sarah confronting her “sick” sister. This soon escalated to Sarah punishing Jordana for getting her into trouble… She spanked her over her knee like a naughty little girl and then finished the punishment with a bare bottom spanking like their momma used to do when they were naughty!




This film is also available as a one time download at either of the AAA Clip Stores (see below).

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

In other news… you may have seen Sarah’s Custom page recently, do take a look as it shows you how to order a film to your requirements. The next model we will both be filming here in the UK is the awesome and very talented Jasmine Lau – we have our own plans for her for all the sites including cheergirl and mother/daughter roles for sarah’s sites… but if you want to order additonal custom work privately, then this is your chance with Jasmine! Let us know ASAP! All orders should be sent and agreed/paid for with Sarah by this time next week.



  1. Rick Rick

    I’m surprised that the Chief hasn’t weighed in on the shootings both in Orlando and the shooting of the British MP in the North. Yes, guns are hard to get in England compared to America, but it goes to prove that the “bad guys” will always get them no matter what, because you can’t outlaw guns anymore than you can outlaw drugs and expect any kind of meaningful compliance…as I’ve always said, “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” I wish I could have shot that shooter in Orlando, before he killed all those innocent people…

  2. Rick: You’ve been in America too long… making AR-15s easily available with easily reloadable 30 magazine clips is definitely NOT the answer. More Americans are killed by each other this way than any terrorist as a rule. About 12,000 a year on average. That says it all. If everyone was armed in the club that would make sense, eh? Have a few drinks, pull out a gun… jeez, that is insane. Yeah, let’s all arm ourselves to the teeth and let our drunk brains work it out with deadly weapons.

    Stop making guns so easily available for everyone and make illegal use of them highly punishable! It works in virtually every other country that abhors this archaic belief that a man has a right to bear arms (a ball and musket at the time rather than semi automatic weapons you can purchase in 15 minutes down your local gun shop nowadays!)

    Of course there should be licences for hunting, and a hand gun if needed and to be properly vetted with a full background check where it takes days to get a gun license approved, and not virtually over the counter, but semi automatic weapons??? Come on!

    Anyway, I have more worrying personal things here in the UK to think about… the Referendum is coming up 🙂

  3. Rick Rick

    Good luck with the referendum.
    Yes, we definitely need background checks, and anyone on the terrorist watch list should definitely not be able to buy a gun. And as Thom Hartmann said on his show, we require licenses for cars and boats, motorcycles, etc., why not guns? And insurance too! Gun victims get nothing, but if you’re hit by a car, you get paid well by the insurance companies! I’d be for that…that way, only the ones with good track records could afford the insurance! Trouble with trying to enforce all of this stuff is the cops are so “overextended” already that there’s not enough of them to do the job (budget cuts, etc.) and the prisons are already full of non-violent drug “offenders” LOL! -Rick

  4. Tim Tim

    Sarah is giving her little sis big spanks which is good ,best from Tim .

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