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Executive Discipline

Well, the blog is back but I’ve lost 8 years’ worth of content so I will be slowly adding back stuff as often as I can from my web archive and also having to re-add images and delete the old folders they came from since the database was totally corrupted.

So here we start with a post not long after the previous one (from August 2016).

I wanted to get you an important update on a new film showing at AAA Spanking – it is a severe discipline film that features one of our hardest ever canings and strapping punishments. I’ll let the imagery below and the access to the free preview clip show you what it’s all about!

Executive Discipline – featuring Miss Anna & Johnny Lake

Warning: This is a severe discipline punishment film with some very effective scolding, spanking, hard leather strapping and severe caning! Hotel manager, Miss Anna, is summoned to visiting CEO Johnny Lake’s room for a showdown that she will not forget in a hurry. He is so disappointed and upset at the way the hotel has been run that he is ready to fire her but he gives her a final warning. Of course, this is in tandem with a very harsh discipline session to enforce the severity of the situation. All the employees know how Mr. Lake operates and this becomes a very real tearful punishment for the hapless hotel executive. Anna was feeling ashamed that he was spanking her bare bottom, but with the heavy reformatory strap and some very hard strokes of the cane, her painful reminder was complete. If you like hard discipline films then this is one that you should not miss!

By the time Anna was taught her lesson she could barely stand from the strappings and hard-biting cane strokes that had grabbed her attention to detail. Working for Lake Industries had many benefits… but also included severe penalties for failure!



This special 17-minute film is also available as a full download at the CLIP STORE


Or get this as a member of AAA with more than 700 full HD quality spanking movies, and oodles of images to view and download (all image files are zipped for added convenience).


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