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A great new start to the week as I get you all a multi site review under way… no bullshit from me, just some cracking images and what some of these films are about. I promise you all sites and films featured here get my 100% approval, I wouldn’t promote anything I haven’t been a member of or just do it because I thought I could make a few pennies off it. Even when I do an industry update, I will only feature stuff I like and hopefully you will all like too (which is why you’re reading this and once again wondering why I am starting to ramble… so I’ll shut up!)

I have always liked age play, so I’ll start with Sarah Gregory’s great site HERE where she stars in her first ever age play film (no doubt influenced by Momma Clare at many of her shoots she had previously worked for)

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah’s first full age play video…




…there is also a great new film (now complete) that stars a girl with what i’d normally think would be a hideous tattoo, but I have to say although she is no angle, I kind of like it, I like her ass far more though as it turns red SO BEAUTIFULLY as you’ll see in Sarah’s film where she spanks, straps and canes this newbie… it’s a hot girl/girl punishment film!


Leila comes to see Sarah for an emotional release spanking. She wants a pleasurable and somewhat painful spanking at the same time. Sarah warms her up otk first and then ties her to the bed for some strapping, caning, paddling, and cropping. Leila moans in pleasure and pain as she receives her spanking.



Check out more sexy spanking shanannigans at Sarah’s site HERE


A couple of great films out this week at Firm Hand Spanking – just check out the storylines and images below for more spanking awesomeness!

I admit I’m not 100% a fan of Kyle, I won’t bore you with the detail here but I can’t fault this film… which is why it’s featured, er… mainly because it stars 6 footer Adrienne Black who I have a 1000 unnatural lustful thoughts for… seriously, me… privacy, dark room, her… alone, OMG… enough already! Check out a new series starting with her taking a rather good hard punishment, the 1st of about 8 or 9 from Kyle by the looks of it! 🙂





Stunning Adrienne Black returns in a new series as chief flight attendant for an executive airline. The owner has his own style for keeping employees in line – by spanking. Adrienne agrees to be spanked as a preview of what’s in store. 235 smacks later, she’s red as hell!

& also now showing is one of the HOTTEST Alison Miller films I’ve seen in a long time (they’re all hot, this one just happens to be smokin’) perhaps it’s the position Alison is in that makes this film so alluring for me?

Failing to replace a dancer costs flame-haired Alison Miller a 55-stroke strapping





Her lax attitude to replacing a dancer on tour when she’s Dance Captain costs sassy Alison Miller a sound 55-stroke strapping across her bouncing bubble-butt. Frank Reed punishes her in the lunge position: “It’s difficult to hold with my butt in the air,” says Alison. Slo-mo replays!

Check out these great punishment films with 2 of Firm hand’s BEST spankees! Click HERE


Don’t you love it when a beautiful girl like Marissa is given to someone else to be punished? Imagine the shame and humiliation as she is chastised and disciplined for spending frivolously! This is what happens to Marissa in the latest film from – my 1st of 2 features from this excellent site, today.

Taken from the film “Designer dress”

Marisa’s husband has asked Uncle David to have a tough discussion with his wife about her spending habits after she blows four thousand dollars on a new dress. David uses a leather strap to teach Marisa a lesson about financial responsibility.



Office Discipluine movies feature heavily, especially when David Pierson is the man to take charge!
Check out the very latest film now complete (below)





In this latest film… Brittney is a big problem, but he’s displeased with Audrey not being able to effectively manage her nor notifying him of the issue earlier. He takes the very shocked Audrey over his lap for a spanking as Brittney peeks from her position in the corner. David leaves both the company brats, Brittney and Audrey, in the corner together to figure out their differences after he has ensured both their bottoms are burning with shame!


Finally, the 3rd in the series of Earthfleet’s most disgraceful space cadets getting the treatment they deserve where no one can hear them scream or know they are being spanked… check out the latest episode of the starship genesis series from (below)






The Genesis met up with the Earthfleet Cargo Ship, Barbados, to pick up a lieutenant Buchanan who was lazy, neglected her duties and needed strict discipline. Captain Cunnniikuta gladly handed her over. Captain Rogers decided to let Ensign Monique be responsible for her progress and their first task was to clean Shuttle Craft 3 and 5 in Shuttle Bay 2. They did a poor job and they ended up feeling the sting from Captain Rogers’ Punisher right there in the Shuttle Bay. They were then ordered to inventory Cargo Bay 3 and when they did a poor job of that too… they were both taken to Lieutenant Buchanan’s quarters and they both got a hard, long and very painful OTK spanking!

Out now in Sci Spankovision – only at 🙂

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